It's not just librarians who are always extolling the wonders and joys of books and reading.  Book-boosters come in many forms.  You might be surprised that some serious metal-heads used to go around performing songs about science fiction authors and books.  You might not be surprised that they would get the message across by hurling books out into the crowd (often beaning someone in the head with them).  The band was called Bloodhag and they called their brand of music edu-core. What's edu-core? Bloodhag invented it!  They explain it and their mission in this brief video about their library tour!  Sadly, they've since broken up and gone on to do other music projects.  Here's hoping they inspire other bands and musicians to be edu-core!
Here's me with my Bloodhag cd... :) 
Thu, 02/28/2013 - 2:36pm