Recently we ran the DIY: Stylus program. This project is insanely easy and you'll end up with a Smartphone stylus that works just as well as anything you could buy online! Below is a video tutorial on how to build your own. Also included are some suggested apps to try out your stylus with.

Draw Something - Everyone's heard of this one. This game is similar to Pictionary. There are both a free and paid version of this app. If you've never played it, what are you waiting for? Try it out!
Spray Can - Awesome app that lets you tag the sides of trains, brick walls, and all other Graffiti "canvases". This app is completely free and also allows you to post your artwork to an online community for critiques.

Brushes - For those of you that enjoy painting but hate all the mixing and mess involved, you're in luck! With this app you can create amazing paintings by using a variety of different types of brushes and even creating your own.

SketchBook MobileX - This app, created by Autodesk, is a fantastic program to . . . well, sketch. Regardless, this is a pretty great app for doodling and it gives you a lot of options. Similar to Brushes, you can create your own brush patterns anyway you like.
DoInk - DoInk is a ton of fun. Here's the catch, it costs $5, but it is worth every penny. Since downloading this I have played with this app at great length. DoInk allows you to draw frame by frame animations, and then you can drag and drop your animations into scenes. Best of all there's virtually NO learning curve. I would recommend this program for anyone that loves drawing and animation and would like to experiment with it!
Thu, 12/20/2012 - 12:45am