Back in May we hosted the 3D Modeling program, if you missed the signup date, don't fret! Posted below are the materials we used!
First up we have links to download the applications we used. - Your one stop to get Blender a completely free 3D modeling application. - A free digital image editing application that is similar to Photoshop.
Next are some links to video tutorial sites to help you begin modeling. - A fantastic site with tons of free videos on modeling in Blender. You can view even more videos if you buy a membership. - This site requires a log in through A really great site with training videos on a variety of subjects, 3D modeling being one of them.
Here are some additional links to material that is worth looking over. - A great resource for character blueprints to help with your modeling. - This wiki contains all the information you need to model video game characters. - Seems kind of obvious right? Youtube can be one of your greatest resources for all things related to 3D modeling. Try keyword searches like 3D modeling, modeling in blender, modeling the head, modeling the torso, etc.
Also attached to this post is the packet with notes on the interface, camera movement, and modeling in Blender.
Fri, 07/06/2012 - 8:56am