I'm sure any librarian would look at Brian Dettmer's art and think he committed a heinous crime. Brian's art is known for it's alteration of pre-existing media. Old cassette tapes, record albums, however a lot of his work primarily focuses on books.
While in college Brian worked in a sign shop and began experimenting using torn up news paper, and book pages, by layering the ripped out pieces. This was the beginning of his creation process that sparked the idea for the work he is known for.
The process begins with choosing an old book, books range from dictionaries, encyclopedias, art books, science books, and a variety of others. The book is sealed and then cutting begins. The cuts are not strategically planned and the exposed portions of the books have never been moved, they remain where they were originally printed.
I for one love his work, if you too have enjoyed this artist's creations click HERE to see more of his work.
Thu, 11/22/2012 - 12:42pm