We had 4 amazing bands/musicians record 6 different songs in the library's Digital Studios in this year's contest ... and the voting was tight! Thanks to all the bands and all of you who voted! We would also like to thank the generosity of Guitar Center of Arlington Heights for teaching free Teen Music classes here at the library and for their donations ... thanks!  
The winner of the Battle of the Recorded Bands contest is ...
  • Come February for 'Blame it on the Rain'! Congratulations to Hannah K., Anna M. and Carly B. of Come February! Your band will receive Guitar Center gift cards and will be invited to play a live set at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.
We also would like to announce the winners of the giveaways generously donated to our contest by Guitar Center of Arlington Heights.  The giveaways are 1) a most excellent Acoustic guitar (with guitar stand!) and 2) a Ukulele.  The winners for the giveaways are ....
  • For the Guitar and Guitar Stand: Carly B. of Come February!
  • For the Ukulele: Jared K. of Cross Roads!
Thanks again to all of you for making our first ever BATTLE OF THE RECORDED BANDS totally ROCK!
Fri, 05/16/2014 - 2:40pm