Well?  Did you fall for any of them?  Did you think Google Nose was real and you could start sniffing stuff online? Would Twitter really to start charging us to twt vwlls? Did you believe youtube was an elaborate 8 year contest to find the best video ever? Nah. Me neither!  No seriously though, I have fallen for online April Fools Day headlines in years past. Let's just say I truly understood the meaning of facepalm on those days.
Check out all the cool stuff http://www.thinkgeek.com/ has on sale today!  Play-doh 3D printer anyone? Just try to buy one of those products... go ahead, I dare ya. 
My favorite internet craziness is the Google Treasure Map layer!  They went all out for this, even putting together this very elaborate video. Something tells me too much work went into this one just for an April Fools Day prank, so I think it should be around for a while.  Go to Google maps and turn it on, search for places, zoom in and find all sorts of cool stuff!   Can you find Gangnam Style?  How about a Yeti?  Search for Area 51!  Try dialing this is in to the search box and see what happens: 79.74, 22.67
What kinds of April Fools stuff went down in your world?
Mon, 04/08/2013 - 5:43pm