Last Saturday these 3 awesome Arlington Heights teens, Tessa, Rosalie, and Elizabeth attended the American Library Association conference in downtown Chicago. There they joined over 50 teens from all different areas to present their opinions on some of the books nominated for the esteemed Best Fiction for Young Adults list.  They stood in front of the microphone and presented their well-thought-out and insightful opinions about books like, The Fifth Wave, Dark TriumphEleanor & Park, and Unremembered, among several others.  All the while publishers, authors, and librarians paid close attention to what they were saying.  Here's Elizabeth standing at the microphone talking about one the books she read:   
As a fun reward, the girls were treated to a pizza lunch given by the Penguin Publishing House.  They heard an amazing panel of authors speak about their craft and took home gift bags full of books.  Then they got to visit the huge exhibit hall!  
A great time was had by all!  If you are interested in getting involved with book club and becoming a Teen Book Reviewer at AHML, let me know!  You can contact me at:  
Mon, 07/08/2013 - 8:03pm