​The House on the Gulf​ - by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix's The House on the Gulf presents an interesting mystery from the point of view of a girl who thinks her brother has something to hide. Britt is an average thirteen year old girl living with her older brother and her mother, who attends college. Britt's brother, Bran, gets a job house sitting for a family thats out of town. It sounds like a good deal, and almost too good to be true for the family who isn't used to having such accommodations. But as Bran's behavior becomes more strange, Britt's convinced that not everything is normal. As she starts coming across curious pieces of evidence and discussions within the neighborhood, her doubts about her brother take full shape, and ultimately turn into a scheme that she couldn't see coming. The twist near the end of the book make it a confusion for the average teen reader as it makes you rethink and reread parts of the book for it to make sense. I would give this book a 3 star rating as it starts of well and gets u suspended on it and then drops your interest in reading it once you hit the sudden twist as the rest of the book is pretty much predictable.


Closed for the Season​ - by Mary Downing Hahn

Closed for the season is a very interresting book is a very fast read and you just get hooked on it its a mystery book about a kid named Logan and his family who just move to this old house where an old lady had been murdered. Logen then met another kid named Arthur who apparently witnessed the murder and lived right next door to him. At first Logan thought that Arthur was this lame kid who is crazy and he used to by a nerd boy in his old school so Logan wanted to started a new life and get friend but the they started to look into the story of how the old lady died because a reporter came to town to write the story in how that crime was never solved and the boys found a note of Mrs. Donaldson in the attic that said that someone rob for many years magic forest and she know who it was at she took the case full of money and hid some where and it was were she used to play with her daughter violent in the magic forest and before she said of the name it stop writing like someone stop her and that how the mystery started and the main suspected was Silas, violet's boyfreind and father of Danny this bully in school at they end the mystery is solve the people who stold the money and who killed the old lady, and the accused went to jail and Arthur and Logan were heroes just before school started


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