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Posted by jfreier on 09/06/11
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Mitch Rapp is back in this timely new thriller, Rapp is sent to kill a Libyan diplomat which may lead to Rapp finding those responsible for the Pan Am Lockerbie bombibg. Due out early November.

Posted by mingh on 01/24/11
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Low-level criminal, Mitchell, gets out of jail and wants to stay clean, but his friends and former associates are waiting for him. He takes jobs hustling the money from people who have defaulted on their fast loans. But a chance meeting with a woman in a pub gets him a legitimate job fixing up the mansion of an older movie star.
When a homeless friend is killed, he feels he must take action. Refusing to work with his former associates causes trouble as they go after his family. Mitchell feels turn around is fair play.
Ken Bruen uses his knowledge of other crime authors to fill in how Mitchell is feeling. Titles from books by Lawrence Block, James Ellroy and others become prophecies. Although I haven't read all of the authors Bruen uses, it is great fun to see how he uses quotes, and titles, and even poetry from other authors to further his plot.
Quick easy read with a great twist at the end. London Boulevard, the movie, starring Colin Farrell, should be coming to a theater near you this Spring.

Posted by jfreier on 03/08/11
Barry Eisler has a new short story featuring his character Larison available on E-book. There is also an interview with mystery writer J.A. Konrath.

Posted by jfreier on 08/17/11
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The newest "Gabriel Allon" thriller is one of his best, after two terrorist attacks in two European cities occur Gabriel has figured out they are tied to the three airplane attacks on 9/11, he fails to stop the third in London but sets out to thwart a new branch of Al-Qaeda. A fast, exciting thriller with great locations.

Posted by jfreier on 01/10/12
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A threat starts when terrorists take over an island in the Arctic , Marine Captain Shane Scholfield and his team must stop them before it escalates.

Posted by jfreier on 02/20/11
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I just read the fifth John Wells thriller and loved it, Well's is on his own with a new partner and are hired by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to help stop a new terrorist group sponsored by Abdullah's brother Saeed. Very timely with all the turmoil in the Mid East.

Posted by mingh on 08/01/11
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When Beatrice Hemmings learns that her younger sister has gone missing in London, she hurriedly returns to her home country to comfort and assist her mother and the investigation. Tess is found one week later in circumstances that suggest suicide. Beatrice is unbelieving and so begins her search for the truth in her sister's life.
Beatrice tells the reader the story of her life with and without her sister. As they grow, Tess becomes the bohemian artist and Beatrice the suited New York consultant. What drove them to the choices they made? Beatrice reflects on their life together and why she is so sure her sister would not commit suicide.
Beatrice begins to understand that there was so much about her sister's life that she never knew. When Beatrice learns that Tess was pregnant and undergoing experimental gene therapy for her cystic fibrosis fetus at the time she went missing, she tries to learn everything she can about the therapy and the major pharmacy company that is underwriting it.
But Tess has also complained about menacing phone calls in the days leading up to her disappearance. And who is the father and what is his role in the story? Although the police are sympathetic, unless Beatrice can find evidence of some wrong-doing, they are reluctant to investigate. So it is up to Beatrice to find out.
Sister is part mystery, psychological suspense novel, and medical thriller all rolled into one. There are twists and turns in this novel that keep it moving at a good pace. Book discussion groups that like mysteries that delve into family relationships are sure to like this one.

Posted by jfreier on 10/24/11
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A new thriller featuring Ray Cruz, Cruz is called in when 12 gunman attack "Mall of America" on Black Friday and have 1000 hostages, one of them is his wife. Cruz is on hand and has a plan, the book spans the harrowing four hours. Out in December.

Posted by jfreier on 02/28/11
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F.B.I agent Sean Reilly is sent to save kidnapped Tess Chaykin, he must infiltrate the secret archives of the Vatican to help her, fun, breezy read, great for fans of Dan Brown and Steve Berry.

Posted by jfreier on 06/08/11
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A grisly discovery of hundreds of mummified bodies are found deep in the Rocky Mountains along with gold plates inscribed with hidden symbols, enter Gray Pierce and the Sigma Force to help solve the mystery. A new thriller due in July.