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Best Marvel Movie So Far review by Chris C.

When we saw Iron Man three, my family agreed with me. It is the best Marvel movie so far. However, there are a few problems. 1. After Tony threatened the Mandarin, he did detective work like nothing had happened. Someone of such a high IQ would be more likely to defend instead of attack. 2. The Mandarin was not really the Mandarin in the movie, unlike in the comics. 3. The Mandarin, since he never existed, should not have been arrested, yet at the end he was. 4. Some scenes have immodesty and other things inappropriate for certain viewers. If Marvel is to make a movie like that, and rate it PG 13, they should remove inappropriate parts. 5. At the end, Tony destroys his suits, which he should not have done. He should have saved them without remaining obsessed with them.
Although there were a few things wrong with it, Iron Man 3 had many more awesome and amazing parts that make it the best Marvel movie so far.

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