Search Tips & Tricks

There are many ways to search the Library catalog. For most searches, you'll find the refining options in the right side will meet your needs. But you can also make your search more specific by typing special characters directly in the search box.

Default Search Behavior

Normally, the entire AHML collection is searched for the terms you type in the search box. The search ignores capitalization, commas, periods or the order in which the terms were typed. So the search james patterson will return the same results as Patterson, James even though they are ordered and capitalized differently.
If you search for multiple words, it is assumed you want to find things that include both words. The search results will display all items that have both words, but they may not necessarily be next to one another within the item's information.
The results of the search james patterson will include the audio-book Eclipse. It is found because book is written by Richard North Patterson and read by Peter Francis James.

Matching Exactly

If you want to match a phrase exactly, enclose it within quotations when you type it in the search box.
"pizza dog"        vs        pizza dog

Excluding Items

To exclude certain terms from a search use an exclamation point (!) or a dash (-) like this:
vampires !Rice        or        vampires -Rice
This search will return a list of items which contains the word vampires, but not the word Rice. This would be perfect for finding books about vampires if you've read all the Anne Rice books.

Broadening a Search

If you search for multiple words, it is assumed you want to find items that include both words. Sometimes it’s an either or situation.
You can broaden your search by typing OR (must be capitalized) between words in the search box.
This search will return items that contain either the word Jupitor or the word Pluto among their information.
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