Investments Databases

Our investments databases provide access to:

  • Morningstar Online Research Center
  • Standard and Poor's NetAdvantage
  • Value Line Research Center
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Company profiles and market research
  • Directory of parent and subsidiary companies worldwide

Featured Newsletter

The Kiplinger Tax Letter comes out biweekly and is written in concise, nontechnical language to help you cut your personal taxes and know the tax consequences of your business or personal financial decisions.
Published since 1925, The Kiplinger Tax Letter has helped millions of tax professionals and individual taxpayers slash taxes to the legal minimum, claim all the tax benefits they can, and keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.
Look for this timely and important letter the next time you are in the Business Center. 

Recommended Websites for Investment Research

Bonds and Funds

  • Closed-End Fund Association
    The Closed-End Fund Association, a national not-for-profit trade association, includes a list of closed-end funds, fund statistics and industry statistics on this web site.
  • Mutual Funds Investment Center
    Information about mutual funds and links to their web sites along with some planning, tracking and monitoring tools.
  • Investing in Bonds
    Up-to-the minute information about Municipal, Government, Corporate and MBS/ABS markets.
  • Treasury Direct
    Learn about the entire line of Treasury Securities including how to buy or redeem your EE and I bonds online.

Regulatory Agencies

  • Securities and Exchange Commission
    Learn more about investing wisely, avoiding fraud, and planning for your future.  Find out how the SEC can help.
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
    Investor tools to help you check your broker's credentials or learn more about the markets and basic principles of savings and investing. You will get information about a wide variety of investment vehicles.

Investment Definitions

  • Money Chimp
    Easy-to-understand explanations about financial matters, with exceptionally lucid tutorials, including one about how to read an annual report.
  • Investopedia
    More than 1,000 articles on investing and a dictionary of over 4,500 investment terms.

Market News and Research

  • TheStreet
     A conglomeration of investment news, analysis and commentary written by a variety of Wall Street experts, including best-selling author, Jim Cramer.
  • BigCharts
    A comprehensive and easy-to-use investment research web site that provides access to such tools as interactive charts, quotes, industry analysis and intraday stock screeners as well as market news and commentary.
  • Yahoo! Finance
    An excellent web site for general investment information and a good place to begin your financial research.
    Interest rate comparisons for more than 300 financial products including mortgages, credit cards, new and used automobile loans, money market accounts and certificates of deposit.
  • Smart Money
    Breaking market news, commentary, analysis, and over 95 financial planning worksheets and calculators.
  • Bob Brinker's Marketimer
    Bob Brinker, the host of the popular radio show, Money Talk, gives his analysis of economics, stocks, mutual funds and retirement planning.
  • Motley Fool
    Seven different monthly investment newsletters, a broker comparison, sample portfolios, investment data and quotes, and investor discussion boards.
  • Loan Amortization Schedule
    Useful tables to help you compute payments on mortgages and other loans.
  • Qfinance
    Unique, authoritative financial information with checklists, books, journals, and key organizations. 


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