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Thanks to those who came out to our Business Book discussion last night. Our Slight Edge conversation uncovered many interesting thoughts about how our small daily choices and disciplines make a huge impact on our future success or failure.  That our philosophy about life is a critical piece to our success. So is taking responsibility (rather than blaming others) for the direction and results of our own lives, and knowing the habits we create will compound over time either positivly or negatively even if we don't see results immediately. Will we be the 5% who succeed? Or the 95% who fail at leaving a meaningful legacy when we get to our last days. All of it provided good food for thought.
Throughout our discussion there were other books mentioned for recommended reading, and they happen to be in our collection! Looks like they are popular books as they are all checked out!
Watch the calendar for our next Business Book Discussion on Wednesday, October 15th, we'll be discussing It's Your Business: 183 Essential Tips That Will Transform Your Small Business, by J.J. Ramberg. Books will be available in July.
Influence : The Psychology Of Persuasion (
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This Wednesday is our last Business Book Club until October. Come join us for networking and discussion at Armands Pizzeria. We will be discussing The Slight Edge, by Jeff Olson. It's a great book that teaches a simple lesson about how our small daily choices have a profound effect on our ultimate success or failure. Sign up here so we know to expect you!
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We have a new online learning resource that we want to feature! Treehouse: Online Training is a database full of video based lessons. You can choose to learn using pre-defined tracks (i.e. Web Design) that will guide you through a specific collection of lessons, or you can pick and choose your courses in a self-guided manner. The Business topics include SEO, How to Write a Business Plan, How to Build your Business, Blogging, Social Media Strategy, and more! Other courses include learning web design, coding, mobile app development and more. Earn points/badges to track your progress and create a showcase for potential employers. AHML cardholders only. Treehouse provides work spaces allowing you to practice what you're learning in a hands on space, such as the web design, html coding, and more. Check it out along with our other online learning resources here!
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Social media is an important platform for business visability and relational marketing. Facebook and Twitter are 2 giants of the social media world, to learn more about using these tools in your business marketing view the PowerPoint below and schedule an appointment with Business Services staff for further assistance.
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If you are involved in helping job seekers, then you will find these new Plunkett
ResearchOnline videos to be great tools. 
Jack Plunkett has created a three-part video series on his well known "7 Keys to
Employment Research."  This shows people in the job market, from recent grads
to experienced workers,how to use readily available tools to conduct their own
research on prospectiveemployers. One of his main ideas is that you can perform
much better in a job interview by using Plunkett Research material and other
resources to prepare beforehand. At the same time, knowing these 7 Keys can
help a job seeker target the best potential employers.
To use the videos, log into Plunkett Research Online
( From the top of the home page, go to
the Job Seeker Resources & Tools icon. Then click on the Video icon as shown
in the screen shots below circled in red.
Videos for Job Seekers
Videos for Job Seekers
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We have something FUN for you today!
Are you a home-based or small business owner located in Arlington Heights? We need your input!
Please take our very short survey and let us know how we can serve you better. Fill out the contact information at the end of the survey to register to win a Kindle! This could make a great gift for yourself or someone special. One entry per business please.
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Effective April 21, Learn4Life is changing its name to “Gale Courses.” Nothing else about the programs are changing other than the name of the database. 
Gale Courses (formerly Learn4Life) are in-depth, instructor-led, 6-week classes on a range of topics including health-care, business, personal development and more. The availability for continuing education that is relevant, targeted, and accessible from home or office is priceless. Courses specifically for businesses range from starting your own to creating a business plan, to using Quickbooks, social media, and training in leadership & management and much more! It's worth poking around to see what's in there for your business or personal growth. Check it out!  There is no charge for these courses and is accessible to AHML cardholders only. If you are not a resident, but have a business located in Arlington Heights, you are eligible for a business library card and can take advantage of this fabulous resource too!
If you need assistance, please let us know! We would be happy to meet with you.
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We enjoyed a lot of great discussion during our Business Bytes the last couple of days. For those who couldn't join us or need access to the links inside, please feel free to enjoy the presentation below.
See you next month when Shannon teaches about using Facebook & Twitter for your small business!
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Pinterest is a visual bookmarking social media site that can increase traffic to your website or blog and help expand your business platform. To learn more about how Pinterest can play a role in your social media marketing and small business branding view the presentation below or schedule an appointment with a business services specialist.
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Don’t miss these programs that can provide valuable tools for your small business in April!
  • Pinterest for Business: in the training center
Learn the basics of setting up a Pinterest account for a business, organization, or hobby.
Tue, 04/04/2014 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm   Register here
A.H. cardholders only.
  • Business Bytes: Using Pinterest as a Marketing Tool
Come learn how to use Pinterest strategically in your branding, social media marketing, drive traffic to your website, and get inspiration to expand your business platform.
Mon, 04/14/2014 - 7:00pm - 8:00pm   Register here
Tue, 04/15/2014 - 10:00am - 11:00am  Register here
You can find all Business and Jobs related programs on the calendar. The programs that indicate a library card is required (specifically the classes held in the training center) are available to local business owners as well if you have a Business Library Card. Come in and get yours today!