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The social media website Pinterest is an excellent tool for branding your business and expanding your marketing. To learn more about how you can use Pinterest for your business view the presentation or schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Business Services specialist.
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If you missed our Business Bytes program this week, we talked about what your Brand is, what your Platform is, why they are important and how they work together! Here is the power point presentation for your reference.
Also, join us for our Fall Business Book Club, October 15th, 7pm at Armand's Pizzeria. Sign up and get all the details here. It's a casual atmosphere where we talk about highlights from the book and network with other local business owners.
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Technology is always changing and related skills are a top priority for businesses to remain competitive. AHML has created a new Group Computer Class offering. The service is called Tech à la Carte and is designed for groups of 4-12.
If your business is interested in providing technology training for your employees, email Julie and indicate your card number, a few date options (classes are 90 minutes), what class you are interested in, and the number of people in your group.
Two weeks advanced notice is required!
Your business must have a business library card in order to schedule the class and the person scheduling the group class must be listed on the library card. The remaining attendees do not need to be cardholders.
We have technology classes ranging from Word, Excel, Social Media, Blogging, Photoshop, Basic Computer Skills, and 71 others!! A complete list is available here.
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Our long-term Industry Analytics development project is now available to you in our business research database, Plunkett Research Online.

In our Industry Research tools online, you can select an industry by NAIC code or key words, then view a specific industry’s:

  • Revenues (current and projected to 2021)
  • Top companies ranked
  • Employment and establishments history
  • Industry growth rate
  • Sales per firm and per employee
  • And much more!
See the sample here:
Analytics Industry Summary
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Business programs are gearing up for September, come join us! Meet the business services staff and network with other business owners while gaining tools for your business.
Business Bytes: Building and Branding Your Business Platform:  Building and branding your business platform, this is your marketing powerhouse. Join us for tips on defining what exactly your brand is, and what it looks like as you build your marketing platform and your business.
Monday, 9/15   7:00pm - 8:00pm           Register
Tuesday, 9/16  10:00am – 11:00am       Register
Pinterest for Business:  Learn how to use Pinterest strategically in your branding and social media marketing. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, gain visibility, and establish your expertise. This is a great tool any business can use with a little creative thinking! Wednesday, 9/17  1:30pm - 3:00pm Register  (For A.H. Card Holders only)
Make Your Own Business Card Online:  This class will teach you about the different online platforms used to design business cards. You will design a personalized business card during the class that can be ordered or saved for future purchase. Tuesday, 9/30 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm Register    (For A.H. Card Holders only)
Also, a heads up so you can get a jump start on your reading:
Business Book Club:  Join us to discuss the book, It's Your Business : 183 Essential Tips That Will Transform Your Small Business, by J.J. Ramberg at Armand's restaurant, 70 N Vail Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Refreshments provided. Register online and pick up a book in the Business Center. Wednesday, 10/15 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm  Register
See you there!
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Are you aware of the wealth of information available at your fingertips? The Arlington Heights Memorial Library has several databases that provide online courses, tutorials, and instruction that can give you the edge you need to improve most areas of your business. From finance, marketing and writing, to management and communication skills your business can take advantage of these learning opportunities with a click of a button and your business library card right from your office!
Treehouse offers a collection of business and entrepreneurial courses.
If you need one of us to talk you through what's available to you, make an appointment with us. We would love to point you in the right direction!
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We had a great discussion yesterday as we explored the benefits of using Pinterest as a marketing tool for all kinds of businesses. If you couldn't join us or want to access the links included in the presentation you can access the details here!
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"Essentialism isn't about getting more done in less time. It's about getting only the right things done."
That is the quote on the inside front flap of the book Essentialism, written by Greg McKeown
This book is great for the entrepreneur to the executive working to discern what the best choices are for his or her business and life. It describes the process of making sure you are saying yes to the most important, most essential things ... and letting the rest go. It's about doing what is best and most true to you and your business, not the nonessential things others expect of you. It's about thinking into 5, 10, 20 years from now and looking back on today - what is it you will wish you had done with this day, this time, this choice? What are the essentials that you don't want to regret?
The core mindset of the Essentialist is going from:
"I have to" to "I choose to"
"It's all important" to "Only a few things really matter."
" I can do both" to "I can do anything but not everything." 
Peter Drucker is quoted in the book as saying, "People are effective because they say no."
There is so much more to this easy read. I would definitely recommend this as a worthwhile, maybe essential, read for anyone in business or otherwise. Maybe we'll use it in a future book discussion!
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Happy 4th of July to all of our small business owners!! Have a happy and safe weekend.
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Have you ever wished you could try your hand at small business ownership? Do you have a business idea, but you’re not sure where to start? Come meet with one of our Business Specialists. We meet with local business owners at every stage of business from just getting started to established companies. We help businesses find their target markets using library databases and share other resources outside of the library that can best help your business grow.  It just takes making the decision to go for it, and taking one step at a time. Some of our appointment topics have included, Facebook for business, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Wordpress, Instagram, LinkedIn, getting a domain, Reference USA databases, referrals to our digital services help desk, studio resources, and other organizations that help small business owners succeed beyond the start-up.
There are loads of resources available to help small businesses succeed. You just have to ask! There is no time like the present to start your dream business!
Let us know how we can help you – make your personalized appointment here