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Posted by on 02/24/11

Now that Chicago has chosen a new mayor, it's time for suburban Cook County to be thinking about the April 5th election. The Cook County Clerk has released the complete list of candidates which includes those running for AH Village Trustee, AH Library Trustee, AH Park District Commissioner and AH School District 25 Board Member. The Your Voter Information link allows you to create a custom sample ballot. 
Posted by slawson on 02/21/11

Chicago's fourth Restaurant Week began on Friday, February 18. For ten days until  February 27 over 200 Chicago restaurants will offer special fixed price three-course  lunches($22) and dinners (starting at $33/44). It's an opportunity to to eat for a much lower price than you normally would. There are more than 20 suburban restaurants that are participating this year. The official website,  lists the restaurants', menus, as well as links to where you can make a reservation.

Posted by on 02/16/11

Recently released figures from the 2010 Census show that the population of Arlington Heights has dipped slightly to 75,101 people. For the Race and Ethnicity numbers click on Table 5 at the bottom of the page.
Posted by kbedingfield on 02/15/11

The IRS has finally delivered!  The 1040 Instruction booklets have arrived.  We are still awaiting shipment of several items including 1040-ES, 4868 and Publication 590.  As soon as materials are received they will be made available.  Staff at the Answer Center (847-506-2633) can assist you with your tax form needs.

Posted by jrycombel on 02/14/11

Did you know that some brands of vitamins and other supplements do not contain the amount of ingredients listed on the labels? Or that some may contain high levels of lead? Or that some do not dissolve adequately? One of the Library's databases, ConsumerLab, can give you some guidance in selecting products that have been tested and approved. You can find this database listed under the Library's "Health and Medical category.
ConsumerLab is a privately-held company that contracts with independent laboratories to test the quality of different brands of vitamins, supplements, and nutrition products - and then reports the findings to the public. The "Products Tests" section of the database has, for example, reports on various brands of multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, fish oil, probiotics, ginkgo, and arthritis supplements.
And if you're wondering which supplements may help a certain medical condition, take a look at the "Natural Treatment Encyclopedia" section.
Be extremely cautious. Make sure you talk with your healthcare professional before taking any supplement, since a product that can help one person can be harmful to another.
Posted by slawson on 02/10/11

Book cover
Here's an article that helps parents navigate the complex web of qualifying for financial aid for college. Sophomore year in high school is a good time to start looking into and applying for financial aid. Also, she recommends this book, "Paying for college without going broke" by Kalman Chany. The book offers tips on developing strategies for getting financial aid.
Posted by rkamm on 02/08/11

Good news for Amazon Kindle users. According to a recent Kindle Blog entry (2/7/2011) newer versions of the Kindle are getting a sneak peak at a new feature. Or maybe it is a really old feature. You will be able to see the page numbers from the print edition of your books - no more fumbling around trying to figure out what part of the book you and your friends want to talk about. Will the older versions of the Kindle get this ability? We don't know. The library's Kindles are Kindle 2s, so we're hoping this feature proves compatible with the older machines.
Posted by bmccallum on 02/03/11

Improve your vocabulary. Win trivia contests. Trounce your opponents in Scrabble. Impress your friends with witty quotations and turns of phrases. You can do so with the help of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) online, the respected authority on the English language. Learn the origin, history, pronunciation, and meaning of more than 600,000 words.  Find the OED with the rest of our databases.
Posted by bpardue on 02/01/11

With a historic blizzard bearing down upon us, make sure you take the time to check the Village of Arlington Heights' information about their storm preparations.  They have also access to a Winter Storm Preparedness guidebook from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency.   It includes tips on supplies you'll need in case of power outages, first aid information, etc.  Take care!
Posted by jrycombel on 01/31/11

Find answers by going to This internet site, produced by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, attempts to help people understand some of the current and future provisions of the Accordable Care Act passed into law on September 23, 2010. There are separate sections explaining how the law affects individuals, seniors, young adults, families with children, people with disabilities, and employers. If you need health insurance, use this site to find insurance plans and pricing options best suited to your needs. You can also use this site to learn about disease prevention, compare hospitals, and compare nursing homes. If you're really interested, you can even read the entire act online.