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March is Irish-American Heritage month. Surprised?  Over 7 million Irish immigrants have come to America since the 1600s, so you might be able to really celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
The American Foundation for Irish Heritage is a good place to start  looking for your Irish roots. You can also go to Cyndi's List and then go to Ireland to get other sources for searching for your Irish ancestors. There may be a pot of gold and the end of the rainbow waiting for you!
Need a map when taking a trip or going on vacation? You can check out maps of several US cities and states as well as countries and cities around the world! The map rack is located in the non-fiction area next to the reference map case!  You can check them out for four weeks. Now you know where you're going!
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I recently attended the Du Page County Genealogical Society annual conference and came back with a lot of new ideas. Six speakers presented very interesting programs including research strategies and ethnic groups. There were also several vendors and societies offering books, maps, memberships and lots of genealogy information. I encourage you to attend a conference. Check with your local library or genealogy society for upcoming events. It's a great way to learn about genealogy and share ideas with fellow family history researchers. 
Every year at this time we honor our nation's Presidents. Could you be related to one? Two sources that might help you find out if you are a distant cousin to Millard Fillmore are American Presidential Families and
Ancestors of American Presidents.  Some of our Presidents were also related to other Presidents, other famous Americans, and even European kings. Which means--you might be too! Check it out!
 When you are looking for your family name in the census or a court index and cannot find it, what do you do ? Try using the soundex system. This system is based on how the name sounds and not the way it is spelled. For example Miller, Muller, and Mueller. Use this soundex converter to see other similar names, Then look at that census or court index again. You just might find your name!
Who's Clio? Why, the Muse of History, of course!
It's  actually a database of digitized books containing local, county, and state histories. Clio is available on the computers in the Shackley Room. You can browse by title or do a simple or advanced search. Type in an author, family name or location and get the full text! Thanks, Clio!
The Arlington Heights Memorial Library is a designated branch of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. Search the Family History Library catalog to determine if there are films of records from your area of research. Order the microfilm or microfiche at the Magazines & Newspapers desk. The price is $5.50 per roll. Library staff and genealogy volunteers can help you when the items come in.