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J.Freier has traveled to four continents doing everything from bartending to searching for Cochise's stronghold. He claims he never was a spy.


by Charley Boorman

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I picked this book up because I've seen his T.V. show and have enjoyed it. This book is a light, breezy travel book covering the author's motorcycle trip from Sydney to Tokyo. I liked the travel aspect of this book especially the food and scenic descriptions. I think any motorcycle fans would really enjoy this book as Charley is a Cycle fanatic. I also should mention Charley is the son of director "John Boorman".
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by Brad Thor

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Brad Thor is back with his counterterrorism op Scot Harvath, after serving as President Thomas Carver becomes Secretary General of the U.N and sets out with a series of plots to bring down America. Due out in June!
by David Stone

Check out the Dalton Dossier on David Stone"s website, it has some great inside info on spy craft.
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by Michael Palmer

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A new thriller that starts with a bang, a deadly virus is unleashed at the State of the Union Speech, a fast, fun medical-political ride.
by Bryan Gruley

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I really enjoyed this debut mystery by Bryan Gruley. The book takes place in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, a place filled with beauty, strange and colorful characters and an underlying sense of foreboding.
Gus Carpenter is the editor of the local paper and is surprised to hear the snowmobile of his hockey coach has shown up on the shore of Starvation Lake. Coach had died ten years ago on a different lake. Gus gets involved with a reopened investigation that leads to murder and the uncovering of long held secret. A great character driven mystery with  a great sense of place and many twists and turns.
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by Robert Harris

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I just watched "Ghost Writer" based on the novel "Ghost" by Robert Harris, it's not a new book but it's a good political thriller with realistic spy involvement.
by Barry Eisler

Barry Eisler has a new short story featuring his character Larison available on E-book. There is also an interview with mystery writer J.A. Konrath.
by Raymond Khoury

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F.B.I agent Sean Reilly is sent to save kidnapped Tess Chaykin, he must infiltrate the secret archives of the Vatican to help her, fun, breezy read, great for fans of Dan Brown and Steve Berry.
by Alex Berenson

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I just read the fifth John Wells thriller and loved it, Well's is on his own with a new partner and are hired by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to help stop a new terrorist group sponsored by Abdullah's brother Saeed. Very timely with all the turmoil in the Mid East.
I was attending "Love is Murder" mystery conference on 2/6 and was lucky to hear and talk to spy author "Joseph Finder", he gave a great talk on the burgeoning business of private spy companies working freelance for Corporations and rich people. See his new book Vanished.