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J.Freier has traveled to four continents doing everything from bartending to searching for Cochise's stronghold. He claims he never was a spy.


by David Ignatius

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A timely thriller set in Pakistan featuring Sophie Marx, who must find out who is killing C.I.A ops and why? The author is a Washington Post Mid East expert.
by Marcus Sakey

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A man awakes' on a cold, deserted beach alone and naked, nearby is a new BMW, filled with clothes and shoes that fit him and an I.D. of Daniel Hayes and a gun!. Is he Daniel Hayes? Why is here? What did he do?
The man is haunted by nightmares and the memory of an actress from a popular T.V. show. Does he know her? The mans I.D. says he lives in Malibu, so he sets off from what he finds out is the Maine coast to find out who he is and why the police and a very evil man want him. 
A great story with deep characters and a relentless pace. This is Marcus Sakey's most ambitious book yet and I think his best.
by Joseph Finder

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Joseph Finder has recently been writing about ex C.I.A ops who have gone private to work as spy mercenaries' for wealthy individuals or large corporations, he knows his stuff, due out 6/21.
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by James Rollins

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A grisly discovery of hundreds of mummified bodies are found deep in the Rocky Mountains along with gold plates inscribed with hidden symbols, enter Gray Pierce and the Sigma Force to help solve the mystery. A new thriller due in July.
by Steve Berry

Steve Berry is busy, a new book and now a short story featuring Cotton Malone, only available as an E-Book.
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by Jo Nesbo

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This is the latest Jo Nesbo novel to be translated into English and it's a good one. Harry Hole is back and has a new partner, Katrine Bratte, who is called in from Bergen to help on a series of missing woman cases. After the second woman is reported missing and at the sight  there is a snowman by the crime scene, at the third victims head is placed on the snowman and Harry knows he has a serial killer on his hands. Harry also get's a message from the killer referring to a case he had with another serial killer, this book was a page turner for me filled with many twists and turns, I thought I knew who the killer was four different times. I was right finally but he had me surprised many time. I liked this one best in this series.
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by Steve Berry

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Cotton Malone is back and in the right spot again, he is present when an attempt to assassinate the President is foiled by Cotton himself, this pits him against a powerful group linked to an ancient Jefferson document.
by Barry Eisler

Barry Eisler has a new short story available only as an E-book. John Rain and his Mossad friend Delilah are in Paris and attacked while dining on the Ile Saint Louis. This also contains the the first three chapters of his new John Rain novel.
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by Don Winslow

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In my last blog I mentioned an old spy classic"Shibumi" by "Trevanian", as luck would have it, there is a newly written prequel. "Satori" by "Don Winslow", it tells Nic Hel in Korea and how he became the lethal assassin in the "Shibumi", it is exciting, well written and interesting to find out how this great character came to be.
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by Trevanian

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A blast from the past! I just read this book again for the first time in many years,it was written in 1979 but is still a great read. The main character Nicolai Hel is raised by a Japanese Go master and is an expert in martial arts, art, spelunking, mountain climbing, well just about everything. Nic is recruited by the C.I.A as a translator and soon enters the covert world. Nic soon becomes a skillful killer and retires to the Basque region in Spain where he soon is engaged to come out of retirement. The book is a bit dated but great escapism and a good look back at the cold war mentality.