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blogger photoUltra Violet is an artist, but not the one who hung out with Warhol at the Factory. She is also the only library staff member who was a Shakespearean research scholar and a member of the Meat Cutters' Union in the same year.


by Amnesty International

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The 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are each celebrated by some of the most talented authors of our time in this riveting anthology published by Amnesty International. With a foreword by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and contributions by writers are varied as Paulo Coelho, Henning Mankell and Banana Yoshimoto, there is something here for every reader. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is sixty years old, but it is as relevant today as when it was drawn up.

Kings of Colorado
by David E. Hilton

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William Sheppard is a thirteen year old boy from Chicago who is sent to the Swope Ranch Reformatory in Colorado for killing his abusive father. There is no mercy for the boys at the prison where they break wild horses to be sold to ranchers. This is a painful, but profound story filled with symbolism and depth.

I remember nothing : and other reflections
by Nora Ephron

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I picked this up because I wanted something light and fun. It was certainly witty, but it was much more than I expected in terms of the insight into women's rights. Nora Ephron's stories of her struggles as a young journalist were fascinating, and they were so clearly, objectively written that I felt like I was getting a real sense of what it was like in New York in the 60's for a young woman with ambitious career goals. Some of the other essays included in this book are about aging and her memory loss. Her anecdotes were poignant and charming.
I remember nothing: and other reflections is an enjoyable, pleasant read. Women of Ephron's age can relate to her personal stories, while younger readers can take away some valuable women's history told first hand.

Mink River
by Brian Doyle

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Imagine a cross between Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon and Twin Peaks. That's a little of what you will get in Mink River. There is a talking crow and strange and wild characters, but at its heart, this book is a day in the life of a small town in Oregon written in a whimsical, poetic style.

Bitter in the Mouth
by Monique Truong

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Linda finds out about her past, her family and herself when she returns to the small, North Carolina town where she was born to meet the mother she never knew. Linda has synesthesia and can "taste" words. Monique Truong won several major awards, including the New York Times Notable Book Award, for her debut novel, The Book of Salt.

The Little Book
by Selden Edwards

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The Little Book is a debut novel that took thirty years to write. Wheeler Burden is a wealthy heir of a famous family living in San Francisco in the 80s when he suddenly finds himself in Vienna in 1897. Trying to unravel the mystery of his journey into the past, he gets involved with Sigmund Freud and finds new insight into his family history.

Geek Love
by Katherine Dunn

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Geek Love is a tale of a family of carnival people who breed new freaks on purpose to make money. Ensuring the success of their act by altering her pregnancies with various drugs, the couple creates a family unlike any other.  

The Widow and the Tree
by Sonny Brewer

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Based on the true story of the Ghosthead Oak of Alabama, The Widow and the Tree is an atmospheric triumph of literary sublty. Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird, said of this author, "Sonny Brewer holds the reader close..." This book is steeped in southern culture.

The Reapers Are the Angels
by Alden Bell

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Temple is a teen girl who has never known a time before zombies. She is alone in her fight to survive and rejoin the isolated pockets of humanity still left in the American south. This is a brilliantly written allegorical story of self-discovery and the personal spiritual journey. It is nonetheless a very graphic zombie novel that is not for those with a weak stomach.

Save as Draft
by Cavanaugh Lee

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Save as Draft is a novel written as a collection of peoples emails and texts to each other. A quirky romance with social networking as a backdrop. Thoroughly contemporary fiction.