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blogger photoUltra Violet is an artist, but not the one who hung out with Warhol at the Factory. She is also the only library staff member who was a Shakespearean research scholar and a member of the Meat Cutters' Union in the same year.


Luscious Creamy Desserts
by Lori Longbotham

Luscious Creamy Desserts
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Mary from the Circulation Department shares her passion for baking with Violet from Digital Services. The two are both avid bakers and between them have enough cookbook recommendations to stuff your Thanksgiving guests to the brim with sweet goodness.
Click below to listen to the podcast.

Teach Yourself Visually Pinterest
by Janet Majure

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Kel from Digital Services expounds on the virtues of Pinterest in a lively podcast discussion with fellow staff member, Violet.
Check out the book Teach Yourself Visually Pinterest to learn more and listen to find out how you can use this popular social media tool to enhance your life.

The Map of the Sky
by Felix J. Palma

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You have to love a book that comes with 3D glasses.
Felix J. Palma delivers a delightful and, at times, disturbing vision of an alternate history in which H.G. Wells and Edgar Allen Poe battle a Martian invasion...and lose. But don't lose heart. Palma always has some literary tricks up his sleeves, and this is only the second book in The Victorian Trilogy from this brilliant Spanish author. The characters are richly drawn and compelling and the story-telling alternates from wry and witty to terrifying and gory with a healthy dash of ridiculousness.
The first book in the series, The Map of Time is a rollicking good time as well, establishing Wells as a reluctant hero along with a cameo by Jack the Ripper. While it is not essential to read them in order, I would recommend it for maximum enjoyment.
I can't wait for the next one!

101 Dog Tricks
by Kyra Sundance

101 dog tricks
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In this podcast with Pam from Customer Services you will learn about resources at our Library for training your dog. Pam recommends 101 Dog Tricks which helped her with a rambunctious Golden Retriever pup.

Book Discussion Sets
by Karen Joy Fowler

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Our Book Discussion Collection is highlighted by Anne Harmel in this podcast about AHML's book sets for checkout. We have twelve copies of  The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler and you can get a book bag to take them home. Book discussion books have a six week checkout instead of four.

by Giuseppe Verdi

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Are you intimidated by opera? Don't be! In this podcast by staff members, Katie and Violet, you will learn about Verdi's Rigoletto and other operas. Before you buy tickets to a live performance, check out some operas on CD or DVD. Your library also has a great selection of books on opera to give you a richer understanding of the history of this underrated art-form.
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Dead Snow and IFC DVDs
by Vegar Hoel

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In this lively podcast, staff member, Will Kramer, lets us in on his secret to searching our catalog for unusual movies. Will searches IFC in the Keyword search field and gets 162 DVDs made by the Independent Film Company. The Norwegian film, Dead Snow, is one of his favorites that he found through this method.

Social media marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can make a positive impact on your business. In this engaging podcast, Business Librarian, Shannon Scanlan, tells you how. Peruse our selection of business events and programs and sign up with and Arlington Heights Library card. Be sure to also check out our books covering Facebook and Twitter for businesses as well as Paul Gillin's book pictured here.

Gardening With Mary
by Thomas Fischer

The Gardener's Color Palette
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Mary Weber shares her gardening expertise and stories of the grandmother who sparked her love of making beautiful things grow. Mary recommends The Gardener's Color Palette by Thomas Fischer as an excellent resource for planning the overall look of your space.

One Week Job
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Summer Kosuge and Tom Spicer discuss One Week Job in this podcast about documentaries. It's a funny, inspiring and fascinating film for teens and adults. Take a listen, then check it out or put it on hold.