Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon

Marty Crump
In this book you will learn about a big lizard that lives on Komodo island. 
What I discovered is that komodo dragons can weigh 200 pounds or more.
From head to tail it can grow to 10 feet long!  Their most common prey is deer, boar, black rats, or each other.
Komodo dragons can even swim and climb trees too!  For the first and second year, komodo dragons live in trees and eat smaller prey.
The most amazing part of the komodo dragon is that they dont catch their prey, they will bite their prey then the bacteria from the dragons saliva will kill the prey in a week.  Komodo dragons have a good sense of smell so they will notice when their prey is ready to eat and they can eat a whole boar in seventeen minutes.
The other thing I was surprised about was a female does not need to have a male to give birth.  The female will only give birth to male dragons the first time.  She will then pick one of her sons and give birth again, this time male and female becomes random.
And when they grow up, they will do the same thing.
So those were the things I learned about komodo dragons.
Reviewed by: 
Emeline S
Grades 5 - 6