Your New Year's Resolution

Here it is:  "I resolve to read aloud to my child(ren) every single day throughout 2012."  Did you ever hear of Jim Trelease? Years ago in 1979 he self-published something he called The Read-Aloud Handbook. Picked up by Penguin USA,  it was expanded and re-released in 1982 where it spent 17 weeks on the "New York Times Bestseller list."  Twenty minutes a day....that's all Jim Trelease asked from parents.  He guarantees wonderful things will come from it:  your child's enhanced vocabulary, imagination, and a tighter family bond. I heard him speak once, and he chastised Dads.  In his experience it was Moms who were eager to build this habit, but Dads--not so much.  Check out his 6th edition of the Read-Aloud Handbook today.