Waiting for Snow

Today is mild and cloudy.  I look outside the library window and see gray. Ugh. A deep blanket of cold, white snow all over the ground would make me feel much better.  Give me a few minutes while I go searching the shelves for a few books about snow......................................I'm back.
I found Snowflake Bentley.  His name was really Wilson Bentley; he was born in 1865 in Jericho, Vermont.  At 20 years old he was the first person to successfully photograph a snowflake - a single snow crystal. And he photographed hundreds of them in his lifetime.  This is a good biography for kids.  I'll bet that your younger brother or sister would love it if you read this story outloud to them.  You should also check out The Story of Snow. The photos are fantastic.  It even includes directions for catching your own snow crystals. 
Now, if only it would snow......