Bored? Read With Friends - It's Fun!

After the video games have been played and played and even you're sick of them... and there's nothing on TV...winter break boredom could set in.  Don't let it happen - read with a friend. When I'm helping kids find good books they often tell me about titles their friends are reading. Reading the same book at the same time can be fun. You can talk about the book while you're reading it or wait until you've both finished. In Kids' World we're lucky to have many copies of a lot of titles. We also have Book Discussion books  - so you could read with lots of friends in a group read. There's everything from mysteries like Chasing Vermeer to adventure like Stormbreaker and fantasy like Gregor the Overlander.  We can put some copies of any of these down at the Drive-up Window. Just give us a call at 847-506-2620. So don't get bored  - talk to some friends - pick out a book and get reading!