Fun with Letters!

Getting ready to read involves many skills.  One of the skills is naming letters.  There are lots of fun ways to help children learn letter names and their shapes.  Many of these activities can be done throughout your day;
Point out shapes of toys and other objects and talk about how they are alike and different.  Comparing and contrasting shapes helps children notice the differences between letter shapes.
Help your child notice environmental print such as names on food cartons, or words on road signs. 
Talk about letters that are most interesting to your child, like the beginning letter of his or her first name.  Help your child find that letter throughout the day. 
Use alphabet books.  Point to pictures and talk about letter names with your child. 
Write letters in shaving cream on the shower wall, or help your child point to letters on a keyboard. 
Most importantly, learning about letters should be fun!  Children learn best through play.