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Important information for parents and caregivers about children’s Internet access at the library

The library provides free and open access to a broad range of information resources, including those available through the Internet, providing a global network of ideas, images and commentary that provides free and timely access to practical and educational materials from around the world. The library cannot control the information available over the Internet and is not responsible for its content.

With the exception of the public Wi-Fi networks and computers in Kids’ World and the Hub, the library’s public Wi-Fi networks and computers do not have filtering software. The Wi-Fi networks in Kids’ World and the Hub have software that will block many websites that may be offensive to some, but may not block out all materials that may be offensive to all users. All devices used within these two areas are subject to this filter. Even with this software in place, the library cannot provide complete assurance about the appropriateness of Internet content for any particular age group.

The library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and caregivers to decide which library resources are appropriate for their children and to monitor their children's use of library resources, including Internet computer use.

Parents and other guardians of minor children are encouraged to inform their children of materials they do not want them to use and may wish to supervise their children's Internet sessions. Library staff cannot be responsible for supervising minors while they are using the Internet.

Borrow an iPad

We now have 10 kids' iPads, loaded with fun & educational apps (including many for kids with special needs) to lend.  You can borrow them at the Kids' World Desk and bring them home for one week.  We also keep one extra iPad at the desk that you can use in the library.  Installed apps include:
Inside the World of Dinosaurs
Ages 8 and up
Enjoy exploring the world of dinosaurs through interactive displays and interesting narration.
Letter School
Ages 3 and up
Learn to write letters and hear their sounds through visual cues and hands-on practice. For example, write the letter X with your finger by following a train along tracks in the shape of the letter.
Musical Me
Ages 3 and up
Five games introduce children to pitch, rhythm, and notes.
First Words International
Special Needs:  Ages 2 and up
The seven languages on this app include English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, Hindi, and Russian. The three games are Learn the Word, Find the Word, and Say the Word.
Special Needs:  Ages 2 and up
This picture-learning app is ideal for children with autism and other special needs. Teach new words and concepts using digital flashcards.

More Resources:

Library resources for children with special needs.
School Report Card
​School Report Cards
How does your school stack up?
Visit the Illinois State Board of Education eReport Card site.

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