Resources on Native Americans

These sources have been selected to be helpful with the School District 25 assignments on Native American history. If you have questions about how to use these, please contact us (or try the chat box on the right side of this page!)
Current and past U.S. and Canadian tribes, large and small (long articles).
You can look up a state and see which Native American tribes lived there and get some quick details about them.
Tip: Use States Edition in the top menu.  Pick your state, then use Native America on the left side of that state's article.
Includes brief biographies of famous Native Americans from the 1500s to present. Click on the icon for American Indians.
Tip: These are great for younger readers. Look for the additional tools (videos, timelines, etc.) at the bottom each article.

Use the search at the top of the page to look for the tribes or names you're interested in (such as "Apache" or "Geronimo").
Tip: If you need more information than you get in the kids' article, use the "Reading Level: 2" link at the right to bring up a longer article.

Search for tribes, people, events, topics, etc. This tool has the biggest mix of sources: reference book articles, historical documents (like treaties, etc.) and magazine/newspaper articles.
Tip: After you search, use the links on the left to choose reference articles, images, magazine articles, etc. 
Search for treaties, speeches, etc.
Tip: This can be a bit tricky to use. Look for both full documents and articles that discuss them.
Search for images and artwork from the Smithsonian Institution (tools, art, customs, clothes, people, etc.).
Tip: When you find a picture you like, right-click on it to save it or copy/paste it into your report.

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