Grade 7 - 8 Reviews

cover image Lord Loss by Darren Shan
Reviewed by Oliver B on 07/15/12

It's a good book, recommended for ages 13+, as it is a little gruesome. It is an amazing story about a teenager by the name of Grubbs Grady, who returns from his aunt's home to find a demon and two of his familiars and his family killed. He then escapes unknowingly by using magic and is taking into Psychiatric care, then taken in by his uncle to find even more about the world and it's enemies.

Grades 7 - 8
cover image Bystander by James Preller
Reviewed by becky on 06/18/12
its about when a new guy comes to a new place and he is the bullys next target
Grades 7 - 8
cover image And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
Reviewed by Alyssa on 06/13/12
Ten people are invited to an island. Their deaths are based upon a nursery rhyme "10 Little Soldiers." This book is a suspenseful mystery that will make you eager to read on!
Grades 7 - 8
cover image So B. It by Sarah Weeks
Reviewed by Karie P - BeatlesMonkees on 03/05/12
So B It is one of the best books I have ever read. The book is about a girl a named Heidi living with her mentally disabled mother who can't take care of her daughter or herself. Long ago Heidi and her mother arrived at a lady's doorsteps that lady's name was Bernadette she took them under her wing. Her mother only knew 23 words common words exepct for one, Soof. Heidi feels that she needs to find out what that word means so she goes on a misson to find out. A great book for 6-9 grade. I give it 5 stars.
Grades 7 - 8
cover image A Calvin and Hobbes THE REVENGE OF THE BABY SAT by Bill Watterson
Reviewed by Danhee on 01/13/12
The Calvin and Hobbes they are best buddy. Hobbes is tiger doll but Calvin and Hobbes they can talk, play and figth. Because the only Calvin can belive Hobbes,like Hobbes is alive. suddenly Calvin's family they need take a picture so his father said,"ready?ok, give me a nice smile." but he made a creepy and funny face. so father try one more time but the Calvin he made again creepy face. So his father like kind of angry but Calvin said,"that was a smile!I smiled! And go back to the house his parents looked pictures and they like said,"we can't send these in our christmas cards. people will think it's scarileglous." and "well thses to look like Calvin except for the combed hair." And I felt they look really frindlly and cute. Becaue the Calvin dosen't have brother or sister but he have Hobbes, sometimes they are fight and alwaly Calvin is back home Hobbes catch the Calvin, but in the school he miss Hobbes and Hobbes is best frind for him.
Grades 7 - 8
cover image Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Reviewed by Cynthia on 12/26/11
This book is my favorite. It was suspenseful. I couldn't put it down. The setting and characters were interesting.
Grades 7 - 8
cover image The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Michael W on 07/28/11
Rick Riordan has done it again!
He has started yet another serious of mythology, and this time, even combining Roman mythology. Using new characters and past characters, he has created a good, heart-racing plot that will be continued throughout the series. The way he finishes his book, makes you want to read on, and never stop. And the way he finishes his book makes you want to die for the next book. This was, one of the few books that have really taken me over, and it is one of my favorite books.
Grades 7 - 8

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