Grade 3 - 4 Reviews

cover image The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Julia on 02/02/13
This is the first book of the Kane Chronicles. If you're  looking for a fun story that
is based on Egyptian mythology, then I would reccomend this one.
It is about a brother and sister, Carter and Sadie Kane, who have almost
been strangers for most of their life. Now they will join forces to try and
defeat the God of Chaos, Set.
Grades 3 - 4
cover image The enormouse pearl heist by Geronimo Stilton
Reviewed by Hamsini on 12/28/12
Petunia, Gernimo's girlfriend has planned a trip to Shell Island.There he takes diving lessons. On his first lesson, he sees a shadow - no more like a huge blue fish with razor sharp teeth. Soon he finds out that there is no fish like that-but a HUGE pearl. It was called The Eye Of The Ocean. After some mice stole it, Petunia comes up with a plan to get back. After they got the pearl back, they displayed in the mouseum.c
Grades 3 - 4
cover image Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett
Reviewed by Becca on 07/21/12

Chasing Vermeer is an exciting mystery set in Chicago. It tells the story of two sixth grade kids named Petra and Caldar; that work togther to crack the case of a missing vermeer painting called *A Lady Writing*. They solve puzzles and crack codes. And finally found the painting. Read to find out the rest

                                                                          the end

Grades 3 - 4
cover image The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick
Reviewed by Maura on 07/02/12
This book is about Houdini and a boy named Victor. Victor really wanted to be like Houdini and learn the secrets to his magic. Houdini gives Victor a box full of all his secrets. Read to find out what happens next. It was mysterious and exciting. I recommend this book.
Grades 3 - 4
cover image Matilda by Roald Dahl
Reviewed by Lindsey on 06/25/12
Matilda is a very smart girl that lives with a mean family that doesn't appreciate her. Matilda is so smart that she loves to play tricks on her family all the time. When she finally gets to go to school, she finds a great teacher that tries to help her. Matilda plays a trick to save her teacher, and they find out that they can help each other.
Grades 3 - 4
cover image NERDS by Michael Buckley
Reviewed by Spencer. B on 04/17/12
This book is about a boy named Jackson Jones. He goes to a school called Nathan Hale Elementry. At the school there is a group of 5 secret agents.Each person has a superpower. Jackson's is his braces can turning into anything With everybody thinks they are nerds witch that is there cover story. They soon get assigned on a mission that takes place in the north pole to stop a bad man named Dr.Jigsaw who is putting all the earths continents back together. Can the NERDS stop Dr.Jigsaw before it's to late. Read the book to find out.
Grades 3 - 4
cover image The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Luke M on 02/08/12
The Lost hero is about Jason, Piper, and Leo. Jason wakes up on a bus with a strange girl holding his hand. He doesn't no his name or this girls name he doesn't remember anything. Leo Is a orphan and is all ways on the run. Piper is a daughter of Tristan McLean and she doesn't like to use her dad as a bragging right. She doesn't want her dad to by all of these fancy clothes, she just wants to be normal. They found Camp Half Blood and they get assigned a quest to go save Hera and get Jason's memory back. This is a wild adventure filled with suspense, excitement and wonder. Read this book to join them in their adventure.
Grades 3 - 4
cover image The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
Reviewed by Spencer B on 02/08/12
The Son of Neptune is a sequal to The Lost Hero. The Son of Neptune is about Percy Jackson, Frank, and Hazel. Percy wakes up in a wolf house with all his memory erased. Frank is a klutz who's mom died in the war and he hopes his godly parent is Apollo. Who is great at archery just like Frank. Hazel is supposed to be dead. She summond one of Gaea's giants. That want to take over the god's. Gaea is waking and when Gaea awakes the world the way we know will be destoryed. Percy, Frank, and Hazel are part of the propchey of seven. Witch involves opening the doors of death, but they can't do that without Thanatos. The god of death. Join Percy,Frank and Hazel on their quest to free Thanatos. Read to find out if they can do it and stay alive with their dangers of monsters.
Grades 3 - 4
cover image Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson
Reviewed by Vikki V on 01/28/12
You probably don't know me very well and I must say, I LOVE books and am constantly reading them and will throw down a book in disgust if my favorite character in a book dies\gets hurt. So it is hard for me to choose a favorite book. This IS my favorite book that I have been looking for all these years. It is very engaging and even though I read it almost a year ago now, I still remember every detail. This book will stick in your mind. The plot is incredible and as a junior author myself, I must personally congratulate Mrs. Anderson, she is a wonderful writer using the most spendid of details while keeping us stuck to the book, thinking, "What's going to happen next?!?" Not only is there a beautiful story hidden from cover to cover, but we are learning about yello fever in 1793, an epidemic we have forgotten and must be reminded of, which Laurie does a great job doing. I am warning you: once you pick up this book, you shall be carried back 300 years and find yourself calling you "Mattie", the main character in this enchanting book, who finds her and everything that matters sick, and encounters death knocking at the door, sorrow, and hope. Someone, someone that I don't know the name of, is commanding you to read this book, open your eyes and imagine. And to not put it down until your finished, which I had no trouble obeying. I hope you like this book as much as I do! Until I read another great book, Vikki Vonde A.K.A. Mattie :)
Grades 3 - 4
cover image Regarding the Fountain by Kate Klise
It was a great book. I liked it because there was a mix of words and pictures on the pages. They told the story through a bunch of letters. This made reading go very quick and very fun!
Grades 3 - 4

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