Grade 1 - 2 Reviews

cover image Usborne Illustrated Stories for Boys, "Robot Robbery" by Russell Punter by Edited by Lesley Sims and Louie Stowell
Reviewed by Nicholas S. on 01/28/14
Robot Robbery is a good story because there's a good robot in it named Jay and there's a bad guy in it
named Filch.   Filch tries to program Jay, the robot, to rob a bank.  Read this exciting story to find out if Jay 
really does rob the bank.  
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Junie B.Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed by Barbara Park
Reviewed by Anna on 01/25/14
I like Junie.B Jones book because she is funny and sometimes crazy.  This book is about a monster under everybody's bed. One friend told her there is a monster under her bed and Junie.B gets scared. One day she thought there was a monster under her bed... 
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold
Reviewed by Dominic G on 12/23/13
My Favorite thing about the book was when they played hide and seek and Fly Guy was hiding
in the trash can. I love this book I give it 15 out of 15 stars.
Grades 1 - 2
cover image encore, opera cat! by tess weaver
Reviewed by emily l on 01/19/13
i liked this  book because it was about a singing cat. 
her name was alma.  she did funny things like dress up.
she was in the opera and she sang loud.
at the end evryone claped.
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Thanksgiving On Thursday by Mary Pope Osborn
Reviewed by Madison D on 01/15/13
Thanksgiveing On Thrusday is about Jack and Annie go to the first Tanksgiveing!  They meet  an Native American and  many pilgrims.  They help a girl named Pricella and a Native American named Squanto.  They enjoyed their first Thanksgiveing feast.  Ooops, Jack dropped the turkey in the fire. 
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney
Reviewed by Jack on 01/11/13
This is the seventh book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. This book starts out with Greg telling the story of when he was born. He came out 3 weeks early. He got a lot of hand-me-downs from his older brother. Then we get to present day. It is February and there is going to be a dance at school on Valentine's Day to raise money for the school. Greg is looking for a date to bring to the dance. He ends up finding one but they go as a friends group with his best friend Rowley too. They go out to dinner before the dance. They go to a nice dinner place and he has to wear sportscoat but they leave because Greg doesn't want to. So they go to a trashy place. At the end he gets Chicken Pox.
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Boo's dinosaur by Betsy byars
Reviewed by Saptarishi on 01/10/13
I liked the story. Especially when she found the Dino. The book is good, pictures are great. Simple for reading. Liked the Dino picture
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Bald Eagles by Arlene Worsley
Reviewed by Will on 06/20/12
Do you like bald eagles? Then you will like this book. This book tells you what bald eagles eat, look like and live. I recommend this book for everyone.
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Twister on Tuesday - MTH #23 by Mary Pope Osborne
Reviewed by Zachary G. on 01/29/12
The book is about a tornado that makes a lot of noise. Jack and Annie go to a school that they didn't know they would run into and the school only had 3 people. I liked this book!
Grades 1 - 2
cover image Super Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold
Reviewed by Allison.H on 01/28/12
Fly Guy went to school with Buzz. Fly Guy caused trouble for the lunch lady. I like the ending. It is a great book!
Grades 1 - 2

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