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"I had never been to Antarctica before...."

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Written by Cameron and Riley K on 01/27/13
I thought as I walked across the field.  I was really walking across the park to go to school.  Maybe I will see a penguin and we can be friends and we would build an igloo together.
The End
Baby Penguins, Baby Polar Bears, and Baby Huskies
Written by Jillian D on 01/19/13
I had never been to Antarctica before but I was sure it would be awesome. I was staying in an igloo for a whole month with my best friend Gillian. We entered a story we wrote in a contest and the prize was 3 tickets to antarctica. We could bring a friend so we chose Hannah. We decide to make our own uniforms. Everything of mine had a penguin on it, everything of Gillian's had a husky on it, and every thing of Hannah's had a polar bear on it. We had matching black shirts, white shirts, blue shirts, black skirts, white skirts, blue skirts,black leggings, white leggings, blue leggings, black coats, white snowpants, blue boots, gloves, and hats, blue, black,and white hair ribbons,and gray bags all with our animal symbols on them.We were all ready to live a cold winter month in an even colder place.We entered for the winter trip to Antarctica because it was the perfect time to see the baby animals. They would be just between staying with their mothers and looking adult like so we would be able to see them while they were cute.When we got off the boat we went to settle in to the igloo. The beds were as soft as marshmallows and everything was as glittery as the ice outside.One more thing. The igloo is giant and has as many full sized rooms as a mansion. It has an art studio, 1 huge bedroom, a kitchen,a playroom, a tv room, a den, a spa, 3 bathrooms, a pet room with 300 assorted animals, a gym, a dance room, a ballet studio, a candy factory,  an electronic room, a fashion design room, a garden room, a handmade pastery and craft store, an ice cream store, jewel meuseum,a craft kit room, a lounge area, a museum, a nail art room, an oven room,a popcorn room, a quillwork room,a rain room, a sick day room, an unicycle store, a vacation room, a work room, a music room, a holiday room, and a exersise room.When the tour guide left he said "Enjoy your two year stay!" and we noticed we would be staying here for the next two years.First we looked in the kitchen for food. There was enough for us to live here for 3 years.Then we explored all the other rooms. By the time we got back to the bedroom it was time for bed so we put on our pajamas with snowflakes on them and crawled into our marshmallow soft beds."Yawn" It was morning again. We all woke up and went to the kitchen for breakfast.We had pancakes with syrup and then set out to find a camera to photograph the baby animals. Then we went outside with the camera to find the animals. All the animals were so adorable.The rest of the trip was awesome. Over those 2 years we had the best time of our lives.During the time we ate all the food and knew everything about every single room as well as life in antarctica.
The artic area.
Written by Madison D. on 01/15/13
 I have never seen Antarctica before!   Though I did not like the animals.  Because ...... They are scary
to me!  "Well they are not scary to me"  Ok I will like them to!  
The End
Antarctica, the Best Place on Earth
Written by Zhara I. on 01/06/13
... but for the next three months I was going to call the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station home. I am a scientist, and I study space. Antarctica is the best place on Earth when it comes to looking out in space because you are high up and there's no pollution in the thin atmosphere, so you get a clearer picture. I hope to find a meteorite while I'm here. This will be a grand adventure!
Written by Sarah B on 12/13/12
The further south the ship sailed, the more excited I got. I was on my way to study my favorite creature, the Emperor Penguin. I would be just in time to see the babies hatching from their eggs.

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