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Start Date April 16 for Student Volunteers Sign-Up!
Hi Parents,
Your youngster will soon be able to sign-up for this popular summer program.  Just a reminder that students must be completing grades 6, 7, or 8 to participate as a Junior Library Volunteer this summer.  This is a dynamic program where the volunteers help to run the summer reading program and assist the library behind-the-scenes. Pick up an application at the Kids' World Desk or download it at 
Registration deadline is May 14 at 10PM.  All completed applications must be returned to Kids' World.

A Polite Child = A Parent's Dream Come True
Years ago someone told me that one of the greatest things parents can do for their children is to raise them to be polite. He reasoned that in so doing, adults (other than their parents) would want to help them along in life.  I thought that was quite insightful. "Please" and "Thank you" go a long way to endearing a youngster to other adult "helpers." Toward that end, here is a list of materials you might find useful. Good luck, Mom and Dad!

It's Here! The Year of the Dragon!
The Chinese New Year begins on Monday, January 23.  We have plenty of materials about dragons to help you celebrate.  I wish that I had been born in a Dragon year.  Instead I am a Rooster!  I just need to remember that  each of the animals represents both good and bad character traits.  If you want an overview of the Chinese zodiac calendar read this.
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Your New Year's Resolution
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Here it is:  "I resolve to read aloud to my child(ren) every single day throughout 2012."  Did you ever hear of Jim Trelease? Years ago in 1979 he self-published something he called The Read-Aloud Handbook. Picked up by Penguin USA,  it was expanded and re-released in 1982 where it spent 17 weeks on the "New York Times Bestseller list."  Twenty minutes a day....that's all Jim Trelease asked from parents.  He guarantees wonderful things will come from it:  your child's enhanced vocabulary, imagination, and a tighter family bond. I heard him speak once, and he chastised Dads.  In his experience it was Moms who were eager to build this habit, but Dads--not so much.  Check out his 6th edition of the Read-Aloud Handbook today.

Waiting for Snow
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Today is mild and cloudy.  I look outside the library window and see gray. Ugh. A deep blanket of cold, white snow all over the ground would make me feel much better.  Give me a few minutes while I go searching the shelves for a few books about snow......................................I'm back.
I found Snowflake Bentley.  His name was really Wilson Bentley; he was born in 1865 in Jericho, Vermont.  At 20 years old he was the first person to successfully photograph a snowflake - a single snow crystal. And he photographed hundreds of them in his lifetime.  This is a good biography for kids.  I'll bet that your younger brother or sister would love it if you read this story outloud to them.  You should also check out The Story of Snow. The photos are fantastic.  It even includes directions for catching your own snow crystals. 
Now, if only it would snow......
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Reading Program During Winter Break
Winter break can feel so lon-nnnnnnn-ng, but the library will help. With every 20 minutes your grade schoolers read, they will work toward a free kids' meal coupon at Francesca's Tavola here in Arlington Heights and a brand new paperback at the finish.   This coupon is offered to ages 3 up.  For babies-35 months prizes include sticker sheet, tub toy, and a brand new book.
Register and receive your log at the Kids' World Desk starting Saturday December 17. This program goes through Sunday January 29

Long Live Percy Jackson!
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I love this series and Percy Jackson. Wow. Who wouldn't want to be the child of Poseidon. Another reason I love these books is because they make you want to learn more about Greek Mythology.  We have lots of books-- at all different reading levels about Greek Gods, Heroes, and Monsters.  Check them out!

Reading Aloud to a Dog
Mom and Dad, this is a don't-miss experience for both you and your child, aged 7-11 years old.  Every fall we offer readers a 15-minute opportunity to read aloud their favorite story to a dog.  The program is called Paws to Read, and you may register now for  times in October.  On 11/1 register for a November time.  Believe me, watching your child un-self-consciously read aloud to a relaxed dog is right up there with other great moments of parenting.  Of course, you will stand outside the Lindsey Room while the kids are inside reading; but you can peek through the windows.  Then after the final reading session, you are invited to take a picture of your child and the dog.  Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc. understands that kids have to practice to become good readers. Dogs don't criticize and correct; dogs just love and listen.  They are specially trained and so a child is relaxed, unafraid to make mistakes, and just plain happy to be reading.

What's Next? I've Read Them All!
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You have read and re-read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  Until Jeff Kinney writes more of them, you should branch out.  There are lots of other funny titles you could try.  In fact, we have just the list for you.  Keep laughing!

The Best Book is not always the Gold Medal Winner
We all know that; and yet we want to read the one that won.  This is especially true of the Newbery Award, but we should remember that several other books also make the cut into this inner circle.  They are the Newbery Honor books- also distinguished. They just didn't win the gold.  
Why do I make a point of telling you this? Because the winner of the Newbery Award for 1953 was Secret of the Andes.  Guess which title was only a Newbery Honor book? Charlotte's Web.  Enough said.
Browse the list of Newbery Honor books which we own.   You can also check our website for all the Newbery Award winners.
Happy reading!

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