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Kidbrarian is the Grade School Programming Specialist. She enjoys cooking, travel, and spending time with her family.


My Dog Won't Share His Video Game
March is full of fun holidays. One of my favorites is "If My Pet Had Thumbs Day" which is celebrated on March 3rd. Just think of all the things your pet could do if it had thumbs, like no more wet tennis balls for starters. I know my dog would be helping himself to a lot more treats!

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Homework Help From Home
In our hectic day to day lives, help is always appreciated, especially when it comes to our childrens' homework. On Thursday, March 8, 6:30-8:30 p.m. come to the library for a special program demonstrating how the library can assist your child with their homework using our online resources.This will be a hands-on experience with useful handouts. Students in grades 4-8 are welcome to attend as well.Please call the Kids' World Desk at 847-506-2620 to register

Doodles for the 21st Century
One of the simple joys of childhood is creating your own pictures.With the IPad app DoodleCast, a child can make a picture, narrate the story and upload it all on YouTube using just one finger.This app was recognized by the 2012 Kids At Play Interactive (KAPi) jurors as the best app for younger children.

Off Season Entertainment
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If you are a football fan, I think I know where you will be this Sunday night! Even if your favorite team will not by playing, you can still read about them. The series NFL Today devotes an entire volume to the history of each team while highlighting their greatest players and most exciting moments in franchise history. It could be great reading in the off season.

Oh, the Weather Outside......
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If you are looking to unplug your family but need some ideas for activites, look no further than The Kids' Winter Fun Book by Claire Gillman. This book includes both outdoor and indoor activities sure to please everyone. Whether it's discovering a new winter game or decorating the house with a winter craft, this book will recharge your family relationships while the electronics are doing the same.

What's New?
Have you ever wondered what new items were coming to Kids' World? Maybe you are looking for the next 39 Clues book or the latest Wii game. Look no further than the Kids' World Main Page. Off to the right there is a large blue circle. Click on it and find books, movies and music that will soon appear in the library.

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Nonfiction for Little Ones
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Do you have a young child that loves trucks? Does your daughter dream of ballerinas? Our nonfiction area is full of wonderful books for the preschool set. Containing big pictures and simple sentences, these books delight and entertain as they offer children a means to explore the world around them. Just look for the letter "E" on the spine of the book such as E/618.8/Thompson. As always, feel free to stop by our desk if you have any questions.

Author "Visit"
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When we read a great book, it can transport us to a new world of imagination. But, where do authors get those incredible ideas? Here is your chance to find out. On November 14 you can have the opportunity to talk with Sarah Prineas, author of The Magic Thief. Don't miss it!

Old Meets New
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Classics such as those authored by Robert Louis Stevenson or William Shakespeare are riveting stories but are often difficult for children to enjoy. Enter graphic novels! Here are the familiar tales introduced to a new generation in a format young readers can appreciate. This is also a good alternative for reluctant readers. Feel free to stop by our desk and ask us to point out these works.

So Many Games.......
You probably already know the library has video games, but did you know you could ask us to buy a video game we don't already own? If it is still available for purchase, we will consider ordering it and you will be the first to check it out. Just remember, we can't buy used games.

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