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Posted by Mizz J on 10/17/11
You have read and re-read all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  Until Jeff Kinney writes more of them, you should branch out.  There are lots of other funny titles you could try.  In fact, we have just the list for you.  Keep laughing!
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Posted by Kidbrarian on 10/13/11
Classics such as those authored by Robert Louis Stevenson or William Shakespeare are riveting stories but are often difficult for children to enjoy. Enter graphic novels! Here are the familiar tales introduced to a new generation in a format young readers can appreciate. This is also a good alternative for reluctant readers. Feel free to stop by our desk and ask us to point out these works.
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Posted by jmoskal on 09/28/11
Richard Linke, Internet safety educator, offered this definition of bullying at the Cyberbullying and Internet Safety program at the Library last night. "Bullying is repetitive teasing or comments that make you feel bad".
He also gave these tips for kids and parents:
  • look into parental control software for your home computer
  • centrally locate your kid's computer work station
  • warn your kids not to give out personally identifying information online
  • review your kids' screen names and screen their buddy lists
  • kids need to tell a trusted adult or police if they get into a bad situation
Cyberbullying jumps up exponentially in grades 9, 10, 11, and 12, but can start much earlier.  He recommended these sites: and
The Library has books, DVDs, and other information sources about Cyberbullying and Internet Safety.  Let us know how we can help you learn more about these important issues.
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Posted by Kidbrarian on 09/28/11
You probably already know the library has video games, but did you know you could ask us to buy a video game we don't already own? If it is still available for purchase, we will consider ordering it and you will be the first to check it out. Just remember, we can't buy used games.
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Posted by jmoskal on 09/21/11
Scary Stuff Happens
There are 10 spooky stories in the book, Things That Go Bump in the Night.  Web addresses and passwords are in the book so you can watch the video ending of the stories.  Another good thing - each story takes about 15 minutes.
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Posted by Mizz J on 09/19/11
We all know that; and yet we want to read the one that won.  This is especially true of the Newbery Award, but we should remember that several other books also make the cut into this inner circle.  They are the Newbery Honor books- also distinguished. They just didn't win the gold.  
Why do I make a point of telling you this? Because the winner of the Newbery Award for 1953 was Secret of the Andes.  Guess which title was only a Newbery Honor book? Charlotte's Web.  Enough said.
Browse the list of Newbery Honor books which we own.   You can also check our website for all the Newbery Award winners.
Happy reading!
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Posted by Ms. L.. on 09/02/11
Our good friend Bear is back, and this time he has a loose tooth. His friends try to help pull the tooth out, but their tricks don't work. Finally, Bear is able to wiggle the tooth out all on his own.  As Bear sleeps that night, a fluttering tooth fairy leaves him a plate of blueberries. Pair this new one with Bear’s other charming adventures.
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Posted by Mrs T on 08/31/11
Let's say you get home from school, have a snack, ride your bike, then start thinking about homework. You pick up your backpack, look inside and whoa! Something's missing - your Math book. Don't panic. Call or come into the library. We may have a copy of your Math book for you to use. We have many textbooks from area schools. We keep them for occasions just like this - when you forget to bring yours home. See you at the library.
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Posted by Mrs T on 08/29/11
One recent evening I sat with my grandson on my lap. I was reading a book on a Nook e-reader I checked out from the library's collection. He was playing Angry Birds on my phone. A little later we were sitting on his bed reading picture books. As we finished them, we put them around us to look at the covers. The books could have been downloaded onto an e-reader but there was something about having them physically scattered all around us that was fun. It really doesn't matter. Times change, formats change but the important thing is we're reading together. What do you think about it all? Do you read e-books with your children? Have you used the Tumblebook Library or Bookflix programs from the library's website? Let us know. We'd  like to hear how you read.
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Posted by Ms. L.. on 08/25/11
Have you ever wondered if a dragon would make a good friend? Check out these great books about dragons and the kids who love them.

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