Grade 5 - 6 Reviews

cover image The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
Reviewed by Seray on 06/10/12
The Series Of Unfortunate Events is about, Three Children named Klaus,Violet,and their younger sister, Sunny used to have a family. But one day... The Bauldelaire children's house get burn't down and the children's parents DIED in a fire accident, while the children were at the beach. Mr.Poe ( very good friends with the parents ) tell them all about the accident and Mr.Poe said '' Your parents are perished'' and Perished means ''Dead'' so they have to live with Mr.Poe's children and they are very messy! so the next day they move with this mysterious cousin named Count Olaf. But Count Olaf has a few dirty secrets up his sleeves and plans to!
Grades 5 - 6
cover image Monster High by Lisi Harrison
Reviewed by Seray on 04/08/12
Monster High is all about monsters like the Frakenstein or the Dracula and normies go to this school to. And in this book there will be shock,drama,and alot of fashion brands!. And when I read this book i loved like I KEPT READING IT OVER AGAIN AND AGAIN! so I rate this book 5 stars! since it's such a delightful book!
Grades 5 - 6
cover image The Pretty Committee Strikes Back by Lisi Harrison
Reviewed by Lauren on 03/05/12
This book is #5 from the Lisi Harrison series "The Clique." This book is about Massie,Claire,Kristen,Alicia, & Dylan. The girls go to camp called "Lake Placid" except Kirsten because she can't afford to go. Since Massie likes Derrington she wants to be the first girl from her friends to get the "kissing" experience but it was too late since Claire was the first one with Josh, the boy Alicia likes. Claire kissed Josh because Cam wouldn't talk to her,as in send her e-mails and send her a pack of gummy worms. So when they were at Lake Placid, Claire taught Massie how to kiss in her MUCK (Massie's Underground Clinic for Kissing) After Claire taught Massie how to kiss, she and Cam made up & started talking again. Then Massie & Derrington got in a fight then at that very moment they made up & kissed.(This paragraph is shorten but their is more to it soo... READ THE BOOK!) Then when the girls are asleep Kristen comes because she sneaked in with the rest of the________ (Fill in the blank means:READ THE BOOK TO FIND OUT) Then Dylan's Mom & her Geometry teacher flirt together & Dylan doesn't like it so she decides to run in the woods by herself, but her friends run after her. When they were at the woods Claire remembered that their Geometry teacher said "If you run in the woods without a supervised staff you get suspended." Of course they didn't care so they stayed. While they stayed they got lost......After they noticed Massie had a compass on her necklace they found the way out & went back to the cabin. In the cabin Dylan's mom & the Geometry teacher were waiting to give them the bad news that they were all suspended.
Grades 5 - 6
cover image Invasion of The Boy Snatchers by Lisi Harrison
Reviewed by Lauren on 01/27/12
This book is mostly mainly about Alicia's cousin Nina who flirts with boys and steals them. She steals her friends boyfriends because she wants them to be jealous and she has experience before she came from Spain. Claire and Massie HATE Nina and are there rivals. But Dylan and Kristen LOVE her because 1. She has totally cool BOOTS 2.She has experience with boys. That's why they make a bet of who kisses a guy/boy first gets 3 pairs of boots form Nina. But Nina isn't a TRUE friends because she's a total thief! Nina stole Massie's Hair Crimper and Gossip Girl Lipgloss(Cotton Candy) that arrives every morning. Kristen's Bike Lock, Her sisters shoes which are in Spain. That's why her sisters call everytime but Nina always makes an excuse so she won't talk to them. Then when Alicia announces that their is a Love Struck Dance & a Cupid Award there's a game that goes with it then, Nina tried to SNATCH Claire,Massie,and Alicia's Crushes by telling them: "To win the Cupid Award is to avoid Claire, Massie, and Alicia." "Now, they all agree to this". There is soooooo MUCH OTHER IMPORTANT things about this book but I think you should read it then do a review yourself! : )
Grades 5 - 6
cover image The Mostly True adventures of homer.p.figg  by Rodman philbrick
Reviewed by joshua on 01/22/12
This book is about a boy who lives in a barn with a evil guy who sends harold away to war then he uses bob to find his brother homer must find his brother before he gets killed he then runs into stink and smelt to bad guys and then he escapes to the brewers house then he goes on a train to Portland and a steam ship to New York where they mr willow and homer meet frank and kate mr willow marrys kate and leaves homer alone so read the book to find out if homer will make it before harold gets killed and I like this book because it's in world war 2
Grades 5 - 6
cover image Greetings from Nowhere by Barbara O'Connor
Reviewed by Alice D. on 01/16/12
This is such a heart-whelming book! Aggie tries to sell her motel and someone buys it but....the real mystery is whether she still gets to live in her motel or not because at the last minute she decides to stay
Grades 5 - 6
cover image please write in this book by Amato, Mary
Reviewed by Sihyun on 01/14/12
This book is a book of diary format. Like a Diary of wimpy kid or Dork. Also I love this book. .................................... Summary At school,during the reading time for the writer's coner,Lizzy found this book. and next day other girl found too! And next day 2boys found this book. So they are share and take a turn,wrote the diary. Lizzy's rule is do not write joke or lie. The girls are follow the rule,but boys didn't follow the rule. So girls are angry and they did not want to write share that anymore. And they put book in girls'bathroom. Next day boys could't find book. one boys thought maybe the book in the girls' bathroom. So they went girls'bathroom and they brought book. ................................................... I hope our class has a that book! and I'm going to share with my friends! And I want to my friends got read this book.
Grades 5 - 6
cover image Riding Freedom by Pam Muñoz Ryan
Reviewed by Liana on 01/06/12
Very nice book about horses, though it is a little sad, it is a really good book. I would definitely recommend it.
Grades 5 - 6
cover image The Clique by Lisi Harrison
Reviewed by Lauren on 10/08/11
This Book is a awesome book! It's about these girls who have a clique (Dylan,Alicia,Kristen and Massie)then this girlnamed claire comes to massie's house because there parents dont have enough money to buy there own house so they stay in there guestroom claire's and massie's parents used to be good friends. claire's parents brought massie this microphone charm bracelet(gold)because when massie was younger she loved to sing.(but all that has changed)Massie isnt really pleased with the idea of Claire staying in their guestroom that's why Massie tries to prank her.There is sooo MUCH MORE to this book and its AWESOME read it and you will LOVE it like I DO!!!!!! (There is Clique series to this book) Book #2 Best Friends For Never Book #3 Revenge Of The Wannabes Book #4 Invasion Of The Boy Snatchers Book #5 The Pretty Commite Strikes Back Book #6 Dial L For Loser Book #7 It's Not Easy Being Mean Book #8 Sealed With A Diss Book #9 Bratfest At Tiffany's MORE Series At
Grades 5 - 6
cover image The Naked Mole Rat Letters by Mary Amato
Reviewed by Alice D. on 09/19/11
This is a really great book! I read this book in 3rd grade and I really loved it! It has a happy ending to it! I really hope you read this and I hope you like it so much!
Grades 5 - 6

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