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Ms. A. is the Early Learning Specialist in Kids’ World. She enjoys doing storytime, playing with her dog, and reading historical fiction.


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Goodnight Moon is the classic bedtime story. Its soothing rhythm and gentle rhymes have put generations of children to bed. The latest version, Goodnight iPad, may not make your little one’s eyes’ tired, but parents and children alike will enjoy this modern take on an old favorite. “There was an iPad, and a kid playing Doom, and a screen saver of an (angry) bird launching over the moon…”
Hey, kids! Don’t forget! The library has flash cards that can help you memorize all those math facts. Use our basic ones or play Tug of War.
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Babies are masters of languages. Dr. Patricia Kuhl calls babies “citizens of the world,” because they can hear every sound in every language. This ability decreases as children get older and drops significantly when children reach puberty. The best time to learn language is before age 7. For more information, watch Dr. Kuhl speak about babies, brain development, and language learning.
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Our good friend Bear is back, and this time he has a loose tooth. His friends try to help pull the tooth out, but their tricks don't work. Finally, Bear is able to wiggle the tooth out all on his own.  As Bear sleeps that night, a fluttering tooth fairy leaves him a plate of blueberries. Pair this new one with Bear’s other charming adventures.
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Have you ever wondered if a dragon would make a good friend? Check out these great books about dragons and the kids who love them.
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Did you know the library offers online Disney books? Visit Disney Digital Books in OverDrive (our new eLibrary collection). Locate the link at the left of the page under Collections.  You’ll find titles like Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo.  Once you’ve checked an item out, simply launch the story. As you hover over each word, a voice will read it aloud. This is a wonderful way for kids to revisit their favorites again and again.  Need someone to walk you through these steps? Call the Kids’ World Desk at 847-506-2620.

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