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Posted by Ms. L.. on 02/12/13
Getting ready to read involves many skills.  One of the skills is naming letters.  There are lots of fun ways to help children learn letter names and their shapes.  Many of these activities can be done throughout your day;
Point out shapes of toys and other objects and talk about how they are alike and different.  Comparing and contrasting shapes helps children notice the differences between letter shapes.
Help your child notice environmental print such as names on food cartons, or words on road signs. 
Talk about letters that are most interesting to your child, like the beginning letter of his or her first name.  Help your child find that letter throughout the day. 
Use alphabet books.  Point to pictures and talk about letter names with your child. 
Write letters in shaving cream on the shower wall, or help your child point to letters on a keyboard. 
Most importantly, learning about letters should be fun!  Children learn best through play. 
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Posted by Mrs T on 01/28/13
Today was a big day in libraries. The prestigious Youth Media Award Winners were announced this morning. The Newbery winner is The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate.and This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen won the Randolph Caldecott Medal. Earlier in the month Kids' World staff held our own Mock Newbery/Caldecott contest. The 2 books we chose as winners were Wonder by R.J. Palacio for the Newbery and Oh No! by Candace Fleming for the Randolph Caldecott Medal. Both of the actual winners came in second for our mock vote. The important thing is not the ranking - it's that we all care about quality literature for our kids - you as parents and teachers and we as librarians. Here's a list of the other medals and winners presented today. We'd love to hear what you think!
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Posted by Mrs T on 01/15/13
Are you having a hard time getting your child to read after the holidays? All they want to do is play with their LEGOs? The library has fascinating books about these creative, wonderful toys. Check these out - Amazing LEGO Books - They may just get your child reading!
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Posted by Ms. L.. on 01/15/13
It’s not too early to start looking for the right preschool or child care for your child.  Join us at Preschool Information Night on Wednesday, January 16 from 7:00-8:30 PM.  This is a great opportunity to meet teachers and providers from over 30 local programs. (Hendrickson Room, Open House)
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Posted by Ms. L.. on 12/11/12
Bring your kids to Kids’ World to make a craft over winter break!  We will have a craft table the week of December 23 and the week of December 30. 
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Posted by Mrs T on 11/23/12
Are you looking for gift ideas for your children and relatives? Why not give books?
Kids' World staff created 4 lists of books recommended for holiday giving - for all ages. You can find these on the Booklist page. Scroll down to Gift Book Ideas. If you don't see something interesting there, browse the other lists. You can't go wrong with books!
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Posted by Ms. L.. on 11/15/12
Kids' World now has LeapFrog Explorers!  Click here to see the collection and put a console or game on hold. 
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Posted by Mrs T on 10/12/12
Anyone who lives in the area has certainly noticed the smell of skunks this summer and fall. According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, the presence of skunks has increased this year due to the warm winter and dry summer. Although you don't want to get too close, you and your child may have even seen some skunks in your backyard. The library has books that can help you in educating your child about the critters who live in our backyards. Here's a LIST with books about skunks.
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Posted by Ms. L.. on 10/09/12
Fall is a great time to take a walk with your child and talk about all of the wonderful colors, sights, sounds, and smells of the season.  In addition to simply enjoying time spent together, these types of observation walks are also a good opportunity to engage your child’s senses, build vocabulary, and talk about everyday science, such as why do leaves change colors?  (For the answer, click here.)
Here are some fun fall fingerplays to share as you explore:
Autumn Leaves
(To the tune of “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)
Autumn leaves are falling down, falling down, falling down.
Autumn leaves are falling down, all over town.
The cold wind blows them all around…
They’re drifting gently to the ground…
Take a rake and rake them up…
Fall Leaves Whisper
All the leaves are falling down (Flutter fingers downward)
Orange, green, red, and brown. (Futter fingers)
If you listen, you'll hear them say, (Cup hands around ears)
"Wintertime is on its way." (Whispering)
I'm a Little Pumpkin
(To the Tune of “ I'm a Little Teapot”)
I'm a little pumpkin, fat and round.
Here is my face making a frown.
I'm a little pumpkin, tall and thin.
Here is my face, making a grin.
I'm a little pumpkin, I've got style.
Here is my face making a smile!
Two Little Apples
(To the tune of Barney’s “I Love You, You Love Me”)
Way up high, in a tree
Two little apples smiled at me.
So I shook that tree as hard as I could
Down came the apples, mm-mm good.
(Repeat with one apple)
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Posted by Kidbrarian on 09/20/12
Wouldn't it be nice if our kids were thrilled to practice their math skills or were happy to work on their vocabulary? Well, here comes an app for the iPad that turns learning into fun. The Futaba Classroom Games app turns your iPad into a game board for up to four players. Players are presented with a question and a choice of four answers. First one to choose the right answer gets the point. One outstanding feature is the ability to build your own game content. Challenge your kids to make up their own game to see if they can stump you!

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