Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin

John Bream
With apologies to Auntie Anne, I did not really begin to listen to the complete works of Led Zeppelin until my kids coerced me in the '80's. Although this book has a great many illustrations, I found the anecdotes the best part. I wasn't really aware of just how famous this band was and the impact that it made on the lives of so many young musicians and artists. I grew up on Swing music and Sinatra, not heavy rock and roll. At the time I did know that Jimmy Page was arguably one of best ever lead guitarist and a creative genius and innovator. I remembered a picture from the '70's where he was playing electric guitar with a violin bow and thought "...Gee, that's K00L, who would've thought..." I also remember that this road-weary band was brutal to motels. There are several stories mentioned about their shenanigans on and off stage. I think what I enjoyed the most was that this book was a collaboration of many writers who all had interesting perspectives.

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