What Alice Forgot

Liane Moriarty
Alice Love has lost 10 years of her life!  When Alice wakes up on the floor of her gym after collapsing  and is whisked away by paramedics she believes she is 29 years old, happily married and expecting her first child.  In reality, Alice is 39, has three children and is in a bitter divorce with her husband, Nick.  Alice does not regain her memory and believes that her life should be as it was 10 years ago.  But, somehow her life has not turned out at all like she thought it would.  Her husband Nick, now a successful executive, despises her and is fighting over custody of the kids?  How did this happen . . .the last thing Alice remembers is being deeply in love and awaiting the birth of their first child.  She doesn't even know her three children.  Her once close relationship with her sister Elizabeth has somehow gone awry? She only remembers their closeness and doesn't know why they are distant.  Her mother has remarried.  And, she is now a busy PTA mom, running committees, dressing the part, and going to the gym everyday.  She doesn't even like exercise . . . does she?  Alice must decide how to put her life back together and how to mend relationships that she didn't even know she had lost.  This book is at times tense and angst filled but also funny and heart felt. 

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