The Sword-Edged Blonde

Alex Bledsoe
I usually don't read a lot of SF, but I find this author's books irresistible.  This book takes place back when knighthood ruled and damsels always seemed distressed.  Eddie LaCrosse is a medieval private-investigator who packs a mean sword.  He is hired by a king to prove that his queen didn't eat their newborn baby.  In his travels to find the truth, Eddie runs up against a plethora of kooky characters including a diabolical dwarf and a Horse Goddess.  This book is not only a well-written mystery, it is also quite clever.  A lot of detail is spent describing fictional sites, sounds and cities.  There are love stories and plenty of action.  Eddie is quite the hero.  Like most of his kind, there's no telling where or when he will draw a line in the sand.  By the end of the book Eddie even has a new perspective on horses.  Go figure!  This book would make an interesting addition to someone's book discussion group.   It is only 230 pages long.  It's refreshing reading a mystery that takes places hundreds of years ago and still is hip and happening.