Step on a Crack

James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge
New book by James Patterson is a collaboration with Michael Ledwidge. Patterson introduces a new character, Michael Bennett, who is an Irish, New York City homicide detective and father of 10 adopted kids whose wife has terminal cancer. The two main plots spin from this family preparing for the Christmas holidays and the expected loss of the loving mother to 33 celebrities held hostage in St. Patrick's Cathedral. It's like "Dog Day Afternoon" meets "Going My Way." It is a quick read. I read the 400-page book in a half day. Once again Patterson has a main character (somewhat like Alex Cross) who is a grounded family man who struggles to balance his dangerous career and time-consuming workload while trying to be the best husband and father he can be. There are some nice twists at the end that are unexpected. This is a good 1st novel and I am already looking forward to the sequel. If you are a die-hard Patterson fan you won't be disappointed.