Rough Country

John Sandford
"...That ******* Flowers..."  is back.  Virgil Flowers works for the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.  He is a surfer-dude- lookin' investigator that has long blond hair.  His wardrobe consists of blue jeans, polished cowboy boots and T-shirts that feature the names of abstract music bands.  He has been married a few times and likes the women.  He works for Lucas Davenport and always is assigned the most troubling cases.  In his up-time, he writes articles for outdoor magazines.  To complete his character, he travels from case-to-case in a pickup truck pulling his bass boat on a hitch. 
In this book, which is 3rd in a series, he is sent to a remote resort that caters to rich, single, successful women that might or might not be lesbians.  A successful owner of a affluent ad agency is assassinated.  There isn't much evidence left at the crime scene because she was paddling a canoe in the middle of a lake when she was struck down by a single sniper's shot.  Virgil's job is to sort out the suspects and bring closure to a case that touts a killer with little or no apparent motive.
As usually, Sandford has several suspicious characters tossed into the plot to provide a well-structured whodunnit.  As Sherlock Holmes had his cocaine to help solve his mysteries, Virgil has his bass fishing pole to aid in his deductions.  Once again Sandford has a story that flows like a stream from Eagle Mountain Minnesota; full of likable characters and witty banter.