The Red Garden

Alice Hoffman
Blackwell, Massachusetts -- Over 300 years!: A small town still harbors many lives- lives that arrive, intertwine, diverge and disappear.  Lives like the brave young English immigrant who faced a wilderness and founded the settlement that became her new home.  A young man who migrated into the big city taking only his dog.  Civil war veterans, poets and notables from history, all pass through this small town.  And all pass through one garden- a garden only of red plants.  One garden that changes them all.
Alice Hoffman has given us many notable works- Practical Magic and Second Nature among others.  For young adults she wrote Aquamarine, Incantation, Green Witch...  This new novel has been called "exquisite", "beautifully crafted", "shimmering with magic".  I think this sounds worth investigating.

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