Nothing to Lose by Lee Child


This book is the twelfth in the series of Jack Reacher novels.  I have read all of them and this story is one of the best.  It begins in Colorado with our hero stuck between two towns:  Hope and Despair.  The ex-military police Major and veteran of the first Iraq war is arrested, Rambo-esque, in the town of Despair, tried and convicted without legal council and sentenced to be escorted out of town; told never to return.  Reacher is a man who does not take kindly to being pushed.   He also is a man who is curious.  Why was he given the bum's rush for no apparent reason?  He figures that the town has something to hide.  Despair is a "company town" owned and run by an elderly man who has the biggest salvage business in the state.   Why would a junk yard need an impregnable fence and roads secured by elite Army police?  As pieces of information are collected, Reacher forms a union with a policewoman from Hope in hopes of finding answers.  Lee Childhas created a character that is a present-day superhero:  A-modern-day-Madonna-like-cowboy living in a materialistic world.  Reacher's moral code is impeccable.  If he is on your side, you're blessed with a man who won't back down until the problem is solved.  If he's not on your side, look out!  It is refreshing to find a character whose fears in life are not like any normal person.  He is a warrior who is anti-war.  If looking for light-reading to escape reality for as long as it takes to absorb 400 pages of some serious fantasy payback, this is the book.