NASA's Big "Arsenic Announcement."

NASA image--bacteria GFAJ-1 grown in arsenic

On December 2, NASA held a press conference about information that would “impact the search for extraterrestrial life."  After lots of public online speculation about whether NASA was finally admitting a visit from Klingons, the actual announcement dealt with the fact that bacteria had been discovered in California's Mono Lake which survive on arsenic, previously thought to be toxic to all life.  This finding, while less dramatic than having little green men at the podium, expands researchers' options for where to search for life on other planets.  AHMLs Database Search tool reveals that there are already several newspaper and journal articles on this topic--and you should expect to see plenty more soon.  You can bookmark the search results or use the RSS feed to add them to your favorite blog reader.  You can also find books and DVDs on the search for life on other planets in the library's collection.

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