Lying With The Enemy by Tim Binding

[isbn:0786706570] This book a mystery that is historic fiction. It begins in 1940 with the German occupation of the British Channel Islands during Word War II and the murder of a popular islander girl who was accused of being a "Jerrybag" (a person who consorted with the enemy). This time in history on the Channel Islands was known as the "perfect occupation" since the occupied and occupiers both work together to govern the islanders. Lawbreakers were tried by Bristish court and sent to France by the Nazis for prison terms . This occupation lasted for about five years. The black market was a major source of income for both sides. Slave labor to build defense positions was exported to the Islands and this helped decrease food supplies and other precious resources. In short, people were thrown together in a seemingly impossible situation and forced to deal with it. This book develops memorable characters and reinforces the author's beliefs that there is good and bad in all kinds of people. It explores the depth of what people are willing to do to survive in tumultuous world during desperate times. �
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