Great Books - Wednesday Afternoon

14 meetings at three-week intervals 1:30–3:00 p.m. / Cardinal Room
This serious but informal group discusses anthology selections and classics from the Great Books Collection.  Occasionally, a contemporary classic is chosen for Winter or Summer.  All participant perspectives are encouraged.

Registration: Register at any time at the Info Desk or call the library at 847-392-0100.  Attendees supply their own books purchased through the Great Books Foundation.  Pick up purchase information for Even Deadlier, a sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins Sampler at the Info Desk.


   Date Title
  September 11 Weekend by Kay Weldon
  October 2    My First Two Women by Nadine Gordimer
  October 23 The Custard Heart by Dorothy Parker
  November 13 My Wife is a White Russian by Rose Tremain
  December 4 Fat People by Alison Lurie
  January 8
To be decided
  January 29 To be decided
  February 19 To be decided
  March 12 To be decided
  April 2 To be decided
  April 23 To be decided
  May 14 To be decided
June 4
To be decided
  June 25 To be decided