God's Middle Finger

Richard Grant
British journalist Richard Grant always had a passion for exploring some of the world’s most dangerous places.  It is this obsession that brings him to the lawless drug-crazed region of Mexico, known as the Sierra Madre.  Here, Grant finds out first hand, in the mountains of “narco-land”, the difference between life and death is often determined by who you know, rather than what you know. Despite binge drinking and indulging—sometimes unwillingly—in Mexico’s most profitable (and intoxicating) cash crops, Grant is somehow able to navigate his way deep into this treacherous drug-trafficking territory and live to tell about it, all the while capturing, in great detail, the distinctive character of a people, who despite living so close to the U.S. border, are so uniquely Mexican, at times they seem unreal.  Ultimately, it is this feat that keeps you coming back for more.