Full Moon Rising

Keri Arthur
This is a sexy, adult paranormal-romance that is first in the Riley Jensen series.  Riley is a dhampir. . .half werewolf /half vampire.  She works as a secretary for the Directorate; an agency that polices non-humans.  The enforcers for this ruling body are called Guardians.   She has a brother, Rhoan, who is a Guardian.  Riley's boss wants her to become like her brother, but she insists that she is not born for the violent aspects of that career choice.  Like all werewolves, Riley is subject to drastic mood swings during the week of the full moon.
She must mate and mate often.   She currently has two millionaire mates that meet needs.  Her brother is in a gay relationship with a renowned werewolf makeup artist.  The plot is simplistic:  Someone is killing vampires and the Guardians sent to investigate.  Cloning and plans to create super non-human beings appears to be the end game goal.  I have never read any romance books before, but this one hooked me.  Arthur has eight other books in this series published and her website says that she plans to end at the number nine.  I have already put holds on the next two in the series.  It looks like Arthur has a couple of more series books out there that I might investigate.