The Fort

Bernard Cornwell
1779 - Penobscot Bay, Revolutionary America: British forces have occupied the Bay (in what will become Maine), harassing the revolutionary forces and sheltering those still loyal to the King.  The Americans dispatch experienced officers leading a much greater force against this garrison and naval base - and the American forces suffer a naval defeat unequaled in significance until the attack on Pearl Harbor.  
This defeat changes the lives of two men: John Moore, a Scottish Lieutenant on the British forces who goes on to an illustrious military career.  The other is an American; a Boston silversmith who  faces court-martial for disobedience and cowardice.  That silversmith is named Paul Revere.
Surprising stuff, here- grounded in fact!  I want to find out more about this!
Bernard Cornwell is a martial master.  You've probably heard of his Sharpe's series... incredibly popular books about one man in the Napoleonic Wars (made into a wildly successful television series that has appeared on PBS to great acclaim). 
This guy knows war- and how to write it. Read it?  Report!  (And let me know what you think!)

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